Cloud-based Services

Cloud-based Services from Bosch is a software as a service solution enabling a vast portfolio of remote video Monitoring Services, Installer Services and In-Store Analytics

We provide solutions for:

- Central Monitoring Stations

- Installers & Integrators and

- Retail End-Customers

Find the solution that perfectly fits to your business.

Services for Central Monitoring Stations

Grow your business with Cloud-based Monitoring Services

We bring state of the art video monitoring to your central monitoring station while greatly reducing the risks associated with new technology deployments.

Our remote video surveillance services are enabled based on the Bosch IP portfolio

The offer includes:

  • ready to sell video services
  • seamless integration
  • efficient tools at every step

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Services for Installers & Integrators

Improve your efficiency with Cloud-based Installer Services

If maintenance and services are an essential part of your business, remote services are an increasingly important source for new business and a great opportunity to improve efficiency.

The Bosch Remote Portal is the gateway for offering remote services and creating new service offerings. It makes connecting remotely to the customer devices quick and easy.

Increase your business by saving time and money by remote

  • connection
  • maintenance
  • user management

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Services for Retail End-Customers

Optimize and measure your business with Cloud-based In-Store Analytics

Our solution provides Retailers with actionable store insights in order to drive conversion and reduce loss. Chose our solution for Retailers and benefit from

- Cross-department benefits

- Reliable data and

- Actionable insights

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