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Our focus is to enable you to see
every detail, everywhere

Enabling you to see every detail

Covering a large area and identifying objects at a great distance is challenging. That’s why the 4K ultra HD technology in our DINION IP ultra 8000 MP offers 12 megapixel resolution to deliver amazing detail even when zoomed-in.

With an incredibly high frame rate of 20 fps at 12 megapixel and 30 fps at 4K ultra HD it lets you capture fast moving objects in high resolutions. This speed and these resolutions provide the level of detail that makes the difference when collecting evidence.


The images produced are perfect for a detailed and effective retrospective analysis. The camera’s ability to give a wide-angle overview and multiple focus points on a single screen helps you focus on details without losing the bigger picture.

With the DINION IP ultra 8000 MP, our focus is to enable you to see every detail, everywhere.

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