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Our focus is on reliable and easy
management of large video data
volumes at lower cost

Our focus is

Video Recording Manager (VRM)

Large video data volumes are hard to process and difficult to manage. Video Recording Manager (VRM) helps you easily manage large data volumes with maximum reliability while lowering costs.

VRM enables the camera to stream relevant video data directly to the available storage devices without the use of network servers. This saves costs, server maintenance, and eliminates a possible single point of failure thus increasing reliability.


VRM also allows easy expansion of your surveillance system just by adding extra cameras or storage devices to meet your growing needs.The available storage capacity is used most efficiently because VRM automatically balances the video stream load to the free storage volumes. Less redundant storage is needed and it is easier to respect retention times with a minimal risk of overwriting. With VRM, our focus is to make large video data volumes easy to manage at lower cost.

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