IVA / Bosch VMS / VRM Licensing

Some software and features such as IVA (formerly known as IVMD), Bosch Video Management System and Video Recording Manager require licensing based on a 16-digit code.

Before you start, you will need your 16-digit License Authorization Code, e.g. 1234 2345 3456 4567, then follow these simple steps:

  1. Point a browser at your device and navigate to Settings à Licensing and copy the long Installation Code
  2. Visit the self-licensing website at https://activation.boschsecurity.com (click on the link on the right) and use your Activation Code and Installation Code to create a License Key
  3. Copy the License Key
  4. Paste the License Key into the device’s Settings à Licensing page to activate your software or feature.

Installation Prerequisites:

  • IVA is not supported by the VIP-X1 and VIP-X2 encoders, nor on AutoDome PTZ cameras. It is supported by the Dinion IP and FlexiDome IP and AutoDome 100 IP cameras, VIP-X1600 and VideoJet X10/20/40 encoders.
  • IVMD requires v2.00 (or newer) of the VIP X Series firmware
    • Firmware can be downloaded free of charge from the Bosch Security Systems online catalog by searching for the specific device
    • VIP and Dinion IP units running V1.00 firmware must first be upgraded to V1.50 before installing V2.00 of the firmware
  • IVMD setup/configuration requires use of the Configuration Manager software
    • Configuration Manager software can be downloaded free of charge by clicking here.

For more information please contact your local Bosch Technical Support.