How to license VIDOS?

Software applications such as VIDOS, VIDOS-NVR and VIDOS Archive Player/Exporter, as well as specific features such as VIDOS Keyboard support need licensing.

To license your software or specific feature just follow these simple steps. You will need your purchased 24-character Authentication Code before you start, for example


Take care distinguishing between zeros and the letter 'O', ones and the letters 'I' and 'L', double 'V's and the letter 'W'.

  1. Visit the licensing website (see link in rigth column)
  2. Enter your Authentication Code
  3. Enter the requested information based on the software application or feature required
  4. Copy-Paste the returned License Key into a text file somewhere
  5. Enter the License Key into the software to permenantly license it

The table below explains the common Authentication Code categories:

Starts with     Application/Feature
V V                  VIDOS video management system
L V                  VIDOS-Lite Viewer video management system
L W                 VIDOS-Lite Viewer upgrade to a large number of cameras
I J                    VIDOS IntuiKey keyboard support
E T                  VIDOS Archive Player / Export application
M V                  VIDOS Monitor Wall application