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Break free
from the past.

Step into the future of
fire systems with
Remote Services from Bosch.

| Bosch Remote Services

What are today's
biggest challenges?

System Integrators today manage numerous fire systems across various locations, with the average System Integrator overseeing 88 systems.* However, they're
tied to an outdated way of managing and accessing these systems. It's clear that System Integrators need inno- vative technology to provide customers with seamless support and enhanced performance.

Challenges at a glance

88 systems
per System Integrator 






*Source: 2014 Bosch ST survey

Bosch Remote Services |

As a System Integrator, you face two major challenges.

Click each to explore.



You have no information transparency
with the fire systems.

  • You cannot be sure that every
    installed system is working fault-free.
  • If there is a fault, there is no direct
    way to discover its cause.
  • It’s time-consuming and frustrating to
    solve problems via phone.



As a consequence, travel is consuming
valuable time and resources.

  • You must travel for configuration, maintenance and repairs.
  • Response efforts often require 2 visits:
    1. Evaluate the problem and determine
      the hardware needed.
    2. Return with the correct hardware
      and make repairs.
  • Yet, the problem can often be solved
    in minutes with the press of a button.

“Only after we arrive on
site can we evaluate
the hardware needed to
repair the system.”

“Impossible connecting
with the remote fire
panel via the Internet.”

Time to respond
“[The biggest pain
is] the time to
respond to a user

Remote access
“The biggest problem is
that we cannot remotely
access the system.”

“Small faults that are
solved in a matter of
minutes require
traveling to the site.”

Overcome today's
and enter
a new era of performance.

| Bosch Remote Services

Break free with
Remote Services.

In our everyday mission to empower customers with innovative services for increased efficiency and profitability, Bosch has created Remote Services.

Remote Services is the combination of three revolutionary solutions.




Bosch Remote Services |

Click here to see the design
of Remote Services.

Remote Services enhances your business operations
with improved all-around performance:

  • Access: Remote access for programming and maintenance
  • Planning: Better planning for maintenance and upgrades
  • Efficiency: Optimized team efficiency and resource allocation
  • Performance: Innovative, high-performance services to customers
  • Savings: Reduced costs and time spend
| Bosch Remote Services

Remote Connect:
the foundation of Remote Services.

Integrating Remote Connect is the first step in
revolutionizing your fire systems service, paving
the way for Remote Maintenance and Remote Alert.

What is Remote Connect?

Remote Connect is a secure remote internet connection
that enhances your operations, giving you remote display
and remote access capabilities when it comes to your fire
systems. It's also optimized for seamless integration into
the RPS.

Get a secure remote connection for:

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Service
  • Maintenance
Bosch Remote Services |

Get up and running in
three simple steps.

  1. Plug your internet connection
    and fire panel into the gateway.
  2. Enter your ID and code into
    fire panel to complete setup.
  3. Configure remotely after
    minimal on-site installation.

Setup made easy

Install in
less than 30 minutes.

No special IT knowledge

| Bosch Remote Services

See how Remote Services can enhance your daily operations.
Click below to explore.

Before After

Before Remote Connect,
you wasted valuable time and
resources travelling to and
from fire systems, while having
limited transparency and

With Remote Connect, you have both secure remote display and remote access – reducing travel time and giving you the information and control you need.

Integrate Remote Connect
and get:

  • Configuration from anywhere
  • 24/7 access and availability
  • Quick reaction time for increased customer satisfaction
  • Preventive maintenance and
    monitoring of detectors
  • Reduced maintenance and
    travelling costs
Bosch Remote Services |
| Bosch Remote Services

The Boschdifference.

Only Remote Connect from Bosch delivers best-in-class
technology and unparalleled service.

  • No IT expertise required
  • Remote configuration, not just remote display
  • Full RPS functionality with advanced security
  • Software updates via IP
Remote Connect Get a secure internet connection
for remote configuration, display
and access.
Bosch Remote Services |

Building on the foundation
of Remote Connect.

After integrating Remote Connect, you can take advantage of
the upcoming Remote Maintenance and Remote Alert. Combined, these three revolutionary solutions will enable ultimate fire system service for you and your customers.

Remote Maintenance Get live fire system data,
charts and data analysis tools
for preventative maintenance.
Remote Alert Receive immediate SMS and email
notifications directly from the panel
and set customized alerts.

Connect and experiencethe benefits

With 24/7
access and availability

2 out of 3 casescan be solved remotely

resulting in200-300 EURavings for mid-size systems* and 400-600 EURfor large systems*.

*Savings per year, per system, Source

| Bosch Remote Services

Break free from the past and
step into the future of fire system services.

Integrate Remote Services from Bosch and
get more efficency with three cutting-edge solutions.
Experience more connectivity, nonstop availability,
worldwide access and complete business continuity.

Please contact your local sales representative for more information.


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