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Bosch Conference System Brings Clarity to Busan Metropolitan Office of Education

Meeting new conference standards with crystal clear audio and advanced features.

Busan Metropolitan Office of Education Conference Room

The Busan Metropolitan Office of Education is a government education centre in which officers hold meetings with the regional centre. The international conference room is situated in the annex of the main centre and is used to conduct a parliamentary audit once a year.

The existing conference system in the international conference centre did not meet the Office’s needs for several reasons. Firstly, the sound quality was so poor, it caused confusion during meetings as communication was frequently lost and the system was not wireless so it limited seating positions.

A need to meet new standards

Busan Metropolitan Office of Education Conference Room with Speaker Tracking

Speaker tracking was a must-have feature. The existing system did not have a speaker tracking function and this became a key consideration in the centre’s decision to replace the old system.

Once the decision was made, a list of other required features was drawn up. The system needed to have superior sound quality so as not to disrupt the meeting flow or cause misunderstandings. Speakers needed to be able to change places without causing confusion and it was imperative that each speaker be displayed on screen when they spoke. The progress of the meeting also needed to be broadcasted within the Busan Metropolitan Office of Education. A wireless system was also considered to increase setup flexibility and movement within the room and centre itself.

How Bosch added value to the buying process

Bosch was the logical choice for the new replacement once the centre understood the depth of Bosch’s expertise after reviewing project references and case studies.

Having ascertained the centre’s conference needs, Bosch proposed its DICENTIS Wireless Conference System, installing 25 DICENTIS Wireless discussion devices with long stem microphones and battery packs. As well as configuring the wireless system for the customer, the Bosch team also integrated the conference system with Panasonic cameras to track speakers.

DICENTIS Conference System
Bosch Microphone

Since the quality of sound was so important, given the previous issues the centre had with misunderstood speakers during meetings and the time wasted due to sound cut-outs and disconnections, the Bosch team managed to convince the centre with a proof of concept product demo that demonstrated that Bosch conference microphones perform better than other brands.

The result

Thanks to the portable nature of the Bosch conference system and its easy-to-install feature, officers can now use it in many locations around the centre and in other meeting rooms. By selecting quality microphones backed by the Bosch conference system quality audio design, the centre no longer experiences sound outages or disconnections during meetings. Speakers are also easily tracked and meetings are finally conducted with ease, speed and clarity.

Busan Metropolitan Office of Education Conference Room

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