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Bosch Conference and Public Address Systems Come as One for Suwon Convention Centre

An optimal pairing of Bosch systems to meet the demands of a modern and sophisticated conference centre.

Suwon Convention Center Main Entrance

Suwon Convention Centre (SCC) is Suwon City’s state-of-the-art conference facility serving public institutions, research centres and global companies in the region. To serve these customers effectively, SCC required a sophisticated conference system that is both reliable and of high-quality. With a proven track record in delivering conference systems in Korea, Bosch was keen to partner with PACO Media, a system integrator, to bid for this project.

The Bosch brand speaks for itself

Conference Room Bosch System in Suwon Convention Center

SCC was pleased to award the project to Bosch as the Bosch brand is highly regarded and recognised as being reliable. As system stability was a key determining factor of who to award the contract to, SCC entrusted the task to Bosch after reviewing multiple project references that showcased the Bosch brand’s exceptional standards.

Moreover, SCC required a system that was able to accommodate a variety of conferences, exhibitions and MICE events. Bosch’s range of conference solutions cover a wide variety of scenarios and use cases. Thus, Bosch’s highly reliable DCN Conference System was chosen for the conference rooms where stable communications are needed. The INTEGRUS system, with language distribution, was selected for the exhibition hall where multi-language meetings would take place.

More to the project than initially anticipated

SCC also requested for the installation of a Bosch Public Address System that was of equal reliability and quality to the conference system. Although a last-minute challenge, Bosch was able to step up to the plate as the awarded system integrator had a solid existing relationship with Bosch and was familiar with Bosch’s Public Address Systems.

Bosch Public Address System
“We quickly worked together to provide the needed specifications to meet the tender requirements and after several meetings with SCC, the project was secured with acceptance by SCC of the Bosch PRAESIDEO Digital Public Address and Voice Alarm System.”
– Heejeong Lee (Technical Engineer, PACO Meida Co., Ltd)

Once again, with reliability being a key factor, the Bosch PRAESIDEO Public Address System was the ideal choice as the solution offers high redundancy that increases system stability; minimising operational downtime. The PRAESIDEO Public Address System is also ideal for large-scale public address and emergency voice evacuation applications which was exactly what SCC needed in their exhibition halls.

Delivering stellar results for SCC

This modern, sophisticated conference centre is now served by a high-quality, reliable, easy-to-use conference and public address system from the same, trustworthy global brand - Bosch. It also benefits from Bosch’s highly valued and guaranteed aftersales service for both systems, which also makes maintenance and system management more efficient.

Conference Room in Suwon Convention Center

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