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Residential buildings

Wuxi Residential Community

High Security for Smart Residential Communities

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Security systems are an important part of smart residential communities. Such systems are becoming digital, network-based, intelligent, and integrated. Wuxi Yulan West Garden is a smart residential community with high security requirements.

Unified Security Management with Keypads Instead of Hosts

The solution uses the Bosch MT Intrusion Alarm System to provide unified security management for nearly 500 households. The solution replaces hosts with keypads for the same security. In fact, simply by installing more keypads, the Bosch MT Intrusion Alarm System can be expanded to cover more households.


Stable System Performance, Rigorous Security

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The MT Intrusion Alarm System uses the CAN bus produced by Bosch as its primary communication method, along with RS485 branch communication. This architecture suits the community's complex wiring structure. The MT system bus can shield sources of interference. It is not influenced by external interference and does not interfere with other devices, featuring great stability and powerful functions.

Helping Develop Smart Residences

Residential properties not only must meet the daily living needs of residents, but the quality of the property is directly related to the physical and financial security of residents. Bosch Security Systems leverages the company's decades of security experience to quickly and easily integrate complicated alarm products on a single operating platform. This allowed the company to successfully provide the community with a complete intelligent community security solution.

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"In the past, communities that required high security had to install an intrusion alarm system for every 1 or 2 households. While this can achieve a high level of security, the security costs for the community will be high. The developer was committed to making Wuxi Yulan West Garden into a high-security smart community. Out of cost considerations, we recommended the cost-effective Bosch MT Intrusion Alarm System.”
Chen Meiling, Regional Sales Manager, Bosch Intrusion Alarms

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