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Biblioteca Beghi

Protecting literary heritage in La Spezia, Italy

Biblioteca Beghi in La Spezia

Located in the Northern Italian town of La Spezia, the Biblioteca Civica Pietro Mario Beghi is a state-of-the-art public library with an extensive collection of books and media across three floors. The 1,560-square meter facility with its bright, modern interior architecture was completed in April 2017 in a historic building remodeled by the architects firm 5+1AA. It continues the region’s long literary tradition: The harbor town is situated on the “Golfo dei Poeti” (meaning “Poet’s Golf”), named for the many writers and poets who have lauded the coastal area throughout history.

The home of history

Aside from a self-service book lending station, a child reading room and a 72-seat auditorium, the Beghi library is also home to the La Spezia Institute for the History of the Resistance and the Contemporary Age. With so many valuable books and original documents under one roof, end-to-end fire protection according to the high demands of the European Union’s EN 54 Fire detection and fire alarm system standard – plus demands by the local fire brigade – was a prime requisite from the start.

Choosing a fire alarm and evacuation solution for the library in an open tender, the municipality of La Spezia had an open ear when local system integrator Bagnone SNC proposed a comprehensive solution: An interface between a high-end fire alarm system and evacuation system delivered by Bosch as the single provider. Convincing the officials the Bosch system could be installed discretely without disturbing the library’s upscale interior design.

An interfaced solution

After receiving the contract, Bagnone SNC installed the Addressable Fire Panel 1200 Series from Bosch interfaced via a serial connection with the Plena Voice Alarm System, supporting also multi-stage evacuation. The comprehensive solution enables automated alarm messages and public addresses over wall-mounted speakers from Bosch that match the library’s color palette. The system accurately detects fires via automatic optical fire detectors and three beam smoke detectors strategically placed across the building. Alarms can also be triggered via manual call points, while in the case of an emergency, pre-recorded messages, sounders and strobes direct building occupants to safety.

As a result of the interfaced solution, the Biblioteca Civica Pietro Mario Beghi benefits from highly accurate fire detection and efficient evacuation in an aesthetically pleasing package from Bosch as the single provider. “Our expectations have been exceeded in a major way. Everything went as planned from both a technical and a management point of view,” said Claudio Canneti, Technical Public Works Manager, La Spezia Municipality.

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