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The first fully open camera platform

Bosch launches the first fully open camera platform: INTEOX

Bosch launches the first fully open camera platform

  • Built-in Intelligent Video Analytics
  • Commonly-used open Operating System (OS)
  • Freedom to add apps, software and services

Munich – Bosch has announced the launch of INTEOX, a new camera platform that is set to change the security and safety industry. The first fully open platform of its kind, INTEOX gives users, system integrators and application developers unprecedented freedom for innovation and customization.

The future of security and safety solutions

As the world becomes increasingly connected, the Internet of Things (IoT) presents new opportunities for individuals and businesses. But to take full advantage of the opportunities that the IoT brings, the safety and security industry must embrace change. Bosch is leading by example with the launch of a new camera platform. Designed to modernise the market, INTEOX recognizes the fact that security solutions have far more potential than just creating a safe and secure environment. Security devices are actually sophisticated sensors that can provide valuable data that can be analyzed and used in a whole host of new and beneficial ways, many of which we can only imagine.

INTEOX paves the way for future solutions thanks to an open platform that combines built-in Intelligent Video Analytics from Bosch with superb performance, a commonly-used open Operating System (OS), and the ability to securely add software apps afterwards. This enables app developers and integration partners to easily develop unlimited software apps based on a common language. System integrators can easily customize their security solutions to meet specific and changing customer requirements by adding apps.

This is all supported by the highest levels of data security and privacy protection, and the quality and simplicity that comes with working with Bosch.

It is an approach that has already proven to be successful in the PC and mobile market, where software and apps have substantially increased customer use and applications. And it is one that Bosch is keen to capitalize on for the security and safety domain.

The INTEOX platform will power a completely new line-up of MIC, AUTODOME, FLEXIDOME and DINION fixed and moving cameras that are supported by an open IoT infrastructure. This infrastructure has been developed and provided by Security and Safety Things GmbH, a Bosch start-up company. It is based on four pillars:

  • An open OS based on Android Open Source Project and hardened for security
  • Application store
  • Web portal for app developers and designers
  • Device management portal

The INTEOX cameras, together with the IoT infrastructure, enable app developers, system integrators, integration partners and other market players to create customer-specific apps and deploy them easily into INTEOX cameras. INTEOX will fuel innovation that is simply beyond the scope of any single company today. The introduction of this open camera platform will accelerate the future growth of the entire security and safety industry.

If you would like to learn more about the INTEOX open camera platform, please visit the following page:

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