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Thomas Quante to become CEO of Bosch Building Technologies

Thomas Quante takes over as CEO of the Bosch Building Technologies division on June 1, 2021

Thomas Quante

Thomas Quante (54) will take over as President of the Bosch Building Technologies division on June 1, 2021. As a board member for the division, he was previously responsible for the international system integrator business as well as for the fire alarm systems business within the global product business. Quante succeeds Dr. Tanja Rückert (51), who will become Chief Digital Officer of the Bosch Group on July 1, 2021.

"In the field of safety, security and building technology, we are operating in a very exciting and dynamic market environment. Due to the growing integration of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, we see enormous potential for innovative AIoT solutions and intelligent services that provide even more energy efficiency, comfort, security and safety for our customers. I am very pleased to be playing a key role in shaping this development," explains Thomas Quante.

Quante, who has a degree in business administration, began his career in 1994 at Robert Bosch GmbH and has worked as an executive with strategic and operational responsibilities in various Bosch divisions in Germany and abroad. Quante has broad experience in the B2B sector as well as in-depth market and customer knowledge in building and security & safety technology. Joining Bosch Building Technologies in 2012, Quante initially headed the international business for professional communication and audio systems based in Burnsville, USA. In 2015, he became a member of the board for Bosch Building Technologies, where he played a key role in establishing and successfully developing the international system integrator business.

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