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Access Professional Edition

Release of Access Professional Edition 3.8

Increased safety and enhanced flexibility

The just released version 3.8 of the Access Professional Edition (APE) adds system security, as well as new features to increase safety on site and enhance convenience and flexibility for the user.

Threat alert feature

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APE’s threat alert feature enables the user to quickly initiate safety measures in case of a threat or emergency. By pushing a button, presenting a special “emergency card” to a reader or activating the threat alert in the APE user interface, the behavior of all doors can be changed at once to the following, preconfigured modes:

  • Secured: all doors are completely blocked and the access rights of all cardholders are temporarily revoked
  • Open: all doors are completely unlocked and no access credentials are needed to open the doors, allowing everybody to enter / leave without barriers
  • Locked: the long-term open mode is withdrawn and only persons with configured access rights have access when presenting their credentials

Enhanced functionalities of the online swipe

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The functionalities of the online swipe have been enhanced to make it more flexible to use. The operator can now define which doors the live events will be activated for, and can easily distinguish between the different events thanks to the intuitive icons. Moreover, the user can decide if just access events will appear in the online swipe list, or also door status events, depending on their requirements. In total, the online swipe is now able to display up to 400 chronological events, providing the user with a very detailed overview of the activities at the doors.

APE grows with the user’s needs

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Whether the APE is used for a retail store, an office building or a hospital, the system is the ideal solution as it lets the user administer up to 10,000 cardholders and 512 readers. Additionally, further devices such as video cameras, lights or elevators can be connected via the input / output signals, allowing the user to adjust the system to his specific needs. APE is compatible with a wide range of Bosch readers and credential formats. In addition, it can be managed from multiple workstations or clients with different user profiles.


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