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AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 V7.61 - for twilight conditions

AVIOTEC - Version 7.61 optimized for twilight conditions

Early and reliable smoke and flame detection in twilight conditions

Flame and smoke detection in applications with low illumination

Video-based fire detection with AVIOTEC is taking the next step offering flame and smoke detection also for applications with low illuminations. This allows fire detection and remote optical verification during night time. In addition, it offers scheduled sensitivity adjustments for fire detection enabling up to three individual surveillance modes depending on the activity and the time of the day. A higher robustness and at the same time an increased sensitivity improve detection performance and reliability.

Flame and smoke detection in applications with low illumination

Warehouse with low illumination

Video-based fire detection is now also an option for applications where low illumination was a challenge. Due to the increased light sensitivity less light sources need to be installed for night time surveillance reducing the fire load noticeably.

During night time AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 can now perform both: fire detection and remote optical verification.

Lower cost of ownership

Manufacturing plant at night

AVIOTEC's increased sensitivity only needs 2 lux to detect fires reliably. The result is less planning time due to the fact that less illumination is required. Consequently, this saves energy costs in operation and it also saves installation costs.

Scheduled sensitivity adjustments

Parking garage

During the course of the day, in a building, there can be changes in crowd activities. This can require a higher robustness during operational hours when people are around. On the other hand, during night time it might be necessary to operate with a higher sensitivity, especially when fastest detection needs to be achieved.

Another new and helpful feature of the new release allows masking to be activated only during defined time slots. As a result larger sensitive areas can be monitored.


Theresa Grunewald

Theresa Grunewald, global business development AVIOTEC

"Great to see how a new technology really helps customers keeping their business running, and provides them with a solution that was not previously available for their applications."

Theresa has been working in the safety industry since a student. She studied industrial engineering and graduated at Bosch in Hamburg after having joined the dual education programme at Bosch. Today she advises and supports our customers on global safety solutions based on innovative fire detection technologies. She is living in Munich. Her hobbies: sports, playing music and spending time with her friends.


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