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Solution ICP 880 Ultima

Home Security you can rely on

Keeping your home and family safe doesn't need to be complicated. That's why we've made the Ultima security system so easy to use - all it takes is 'one touch'.

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Superior Performance
You've worked hard for the things you own. Your home is your sanctuary. Ensuring your protection, the Solution ICP 880 Ultima security system provides sophisticated electronic surveillance for your home or business. Incorporating the very latest in microprocessor technology, the Solution ICP 880 Ultima has unsurpassed features combined with superior reliability and performance.

If programmed, automatic call diversion will automatically divert your calls to another number when you leave your premises. When you return and disarm call divert is automatically cancelled. Never miss that important call again.

Added Security
Night Arm Stations can be added to the Solution ICP 880 Ultima unit providing added security and protection from the convenience of your bedside. You can arm and disarm the system at the touch of a button and it also has an easy to operate built in panic function.


The Solution ICP 880 Ultima has awide variety of useful features such as:

  • 16 fully programmable zones. ( 8 wired 8 RF or 16 RF zones)0
  • 16 codes - 8 key pad PINs, 8 RF Codes
  • 16 Wireless Devices
  • Partitionable to 2 separate areas
  • STAY / AWAY arming options
  • Selectable reports per user code
  • Entry and exit warning
  • Automatic arming
  • Remote arming via telephone
  • Zone lockout
  • 40 Event history memory
  • LED and LCD ICON keypad support
  • Programmable outputs
  • Dynamic battery test
  • Day alarm
  • Walk test mode
  • Back to base reporting
  • Domestic reporting
  • 5 Programmable outputs
  • Dual Entry Timers
  • AC Fail Supervision
  • Phone Line Supervision


Simplicity of Use
To operate, all it takes is "one touch". By simply holding the #AWAY key you can arm your system in AWAY mode. To disarm simply enter your 4 digit code.

Easy Arming Option
The Solution ICP 880 Ultima can be programmed to use a wireless remote that is small and can fit on your keyring. These small remotes allow you to arm and disarm your home as you leave by pressing one simple button.

The wireless remote can also be used to set the system in STAY mode, act as a portable panic button and can even be used to switch lights or open garage doors.

For a business, an automatic arm feature means even if your staff forget to arm the system when leaving, it arms itself ensuring continuous protection.


Flexible Security for Residential and Small Commercial End-Users
The Solution ICP 880 Ultima has up to sixteen fully programmable zones ( 8 wired / 8RF or 16RF), which can be used to monitor for intrusion, fire, system tamper events or panic buttons.

Your Solution ICP 880 Ultima can be programmed to provide various output configurations such as lighting control, garage doors or operating electric locks. It also has unique siren sounds for smoke detection devices.

The Solution ICP 880 Ultima can be partitioned into 2 separate areas. This gives you the flexibility of one security system that can act as two. Now both the house and garage/granny flat can be covered by the one system and one cost! All users can have individual access to the first area, second area or both! Each area can report to individual monitoring companies if desired. The perfect arrangement for shared commercial premises.

Your Wired or Wireless Option
Sometimes its difficult to run wires to the locations best suited for your sensors. Using advanced wireless technology, Bosch wireless sensors can be fitted wherever required without the need to run unsightly wires. Code pads can be installed at entry points for your convenience or you can control your system usines wireless remotes, which attach to your keyring