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Respond on the go with VideoView+ services

Remote Video Surveillance Event Notifications

Flexibility and quick response times are essential when securing multiple assets across different sites, especially when you’re working on the go. Instant event notifications and an event list are crucial to investigate and respond to alarms quickly. These features are available through VideoView+ service, a simple and cost-effective cloud solution for remote video surveillance. Ideal for businesses with multiple sites, the software requires less computing resources, reducing hardware costs and infrastructure requirements.

A light-weight video security cloud service with camera-focused simplicity

The long-standing Bosch Video Security Client application gets upgraded with the new VideoView+, featuring improved flexibility when surveilling multiple sites remotely.

Live view and playback

Unlimited remote access to live video and recorded event clips with Video Security Client.

Instant push notifications

In a single click, investigate any alarm via a computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Event recording in the cloud

Store 10 second clips in the cloud keeping essential evidence safe for future investigation with a 30 day retention time.

Set up your event notifications in a more flexible way

Remote Video Surveillance Event Management
  • Name your alarm triggers for immediate recognition
  • Assign multiple alarm triggers of multiple cameras for the same notification scenario
  • Flexible alarm channel selection to combine camera with input triggers (sensors, audio, etc)
  • Load existing event notification schedules for quick configuration or set up a new one
  • Select event notification recipients to make sure that the right person receives the right notification

Expect more from the cloud with VideoView+

VideoView+ offers everything you need to secure assets across sites intelligently and effectively, from anywhere. With live view, video playback, and basic forensic search, it houses all the necessary features for monitoring single or multiple sites via the cloud.

With the introduction of VideoView+, the free-of-charge video view service provided by Video Security Client for monitoring cloud-connected cameras will end. However, the unlimited video view for cameras within the same network will remain free-of-charge for Video Security Client.

This change does not affect Remote Portal device management services currently offered without a fee. Users with connected cameras making use of Health Monitoring, Update Management, and Remote Configuration will be able to continue using these functionalities without any license.

For more information, please contact your local Bosch sales representative.


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