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Bosch Security and Safety Academy

Discuss, learn and practice and make your work more efficient and your projects with Bosch more profitable.

What is it about?

Training Resources

Training Resources

The Bosch Security and Safety Academy offers you classroom trainings in dedicated training centers that are equipped with products and systems.

Virtual Classroom
Our webinars offer you a highly concentrated learning process – fast, informative and efficient. Additionally, you have a trainer that can answer your questions and all you need is internet access and a headset!

Web based Trainings
The Web-based trainings offer you even more flexibility. They allow you to start and pause the training at any time, so you can continue your day in the way which is most convenient for you.



You invest time and effort to qualify yourself, and we believe that your customers and partners should know about it. The different exams that you will pass after going through a learning path, and the corresponding Bosch training certifications will help you to prove your technical competency.

Learning Paths

Below you will find the three different paths showing your progress. It begins at the PROFESSIONAL level which gives you general knowledge on the different topics of Bosch Security. Then you will gain deeper insights at the EXPERT level until finally achieving full technical expertise at the MASTER level. The learning paths help you to keep track of the courses you have already taken, and allows you to strengthen your level of expertise in the Bosch products.



Online training on basic product features and system architecture



Training on basic system design/configuration for lower complexity systems



Training on advanced system configuration/integrated systems and in troubleshooting

Get an Overview

Here you can get an overview on the different learning paths that we offer.

Learning path - Video Systems

Video Systems

Video Systems

Intrusion Software: G Series/B Series

Intrusion Software: G Series/B Series

Intrusion Software: G Series/B Series

Learning path - Management Software Video

Video Management System

Management Software: Bosch Video Management System

Management Software: Building Integration System

Building Integration System

Management Software: Building Integration System