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Simultaneous interpretation at United Nations Conference in Argentina

DICENTIS Interpreter desk

DICENTIS Interpreter desk at United Nations Conference

It was one of the most high-profile diplomatic events the Southern Hemisphere had seen in decades: Earlier this year, the United Nations brought together delegates from its 193 member states for the Second High-level United Nations Conference on South-South Cooperation in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Held at the Exhibition and Convention Center (CEC), the three-day conference tackled issues such as the Agenda 2030 goal of ending hunger and extreme poverty around the world. Hosted by the President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, the conference attracted more than 3,000 participants. Their collective goal: adopt a landmark road map towards sustainable development for all countries. 

With important issues for the future of “Global South” countries at stake, seamless interpretation between the six conference languages – English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese and Russian – was paramount to its success. 

DICENTIS Interpreter desk at United Nations Conference
Exhibition and Convention Center (CEC) in Argentina

Drawing on a track record of successful convention solutions, Congress Rental Argentina – a member of the Congress Rental Network and official conference partner of Bosch Building Technologies – designed and installed the temporary setup for the United Nations Conference on South-South Cooperation. Working on a short timeline, the experts deployed a flexible system built around conference and simultaneous interpretation equipment from Bosch, including 490 DICENTIS Discussion devices with touchscreen used in dual mode, 12 DICENTIS Interpreter desks with video output and 16 DICENTIS Interpreter desks.

“The different features of the management software mean that the same installation can have different configurations, and that made the work much easier; apart from being a system based on the network structure, it makes the installation architecture easier and more reliable,“
says Alejandro Iglesias, Chief Technology Officer of Congress Rental Argentina

The large-scale temporary simultaneous interpretation setup using DICENTIS Interpreter desks proved successful. In the two large plenary rooms, delegates could join the discussion and choose their preferred interpretation language via the intuitive interface of their DICENTIS Discussion device with touchscreen.

Following the client’s request, the devices were programmed to display the United Nations logo and the current speaker’s name on-screen. The audience listened in via 2,200 INTEGRUS Pocket receivers from Bosch, while live audio from the plenary rooms was also available in the press rooms. Clear audio broadcast was secured by INTEGRUS Radiator units for large-sized areas, as well as INTEGRUS Transmitters for eight languages.

Inside the press conference room, listeners tuned into audio from the conference in their preferred languages via 150 INTEGRUS Pocket receivers, while the Press Media Center displayed video from the plenary rooms accompanied by audio on 200 INTEGRUS Pocket receivers. 

Bosch provided interpretation services in an easy-to-configure environment with minimal transition time between meetings. This was a perfect fit, because with a total of 16 meetings taking place during the three-day conference, Congress Rental Argentina needed the solution to offer solid operating stability and fast reprogramming of seats for each meeting.

Overall, the temporary IP-based DICENTIS solution in Buenos Aires succeeded in providing stable and high-quality simultaneous interpretation services for the 3,000 participants of the United Nations Conference.

“IP-based Bosch conference systems have proven to be highly reliable and that makes our customers trust us when choosing a provider for international meetings of this type.”
Congress Rental Argentina

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