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New release: BVMS 11.0 with map-based tracking assistant to easily keep track of people and objects

May 2021

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Bosch has released BVMS 11.0, the latest AIoT software offering a map-based tracking assistant and improved geographical awareness with online maps to help operators pinpoint areas of interest, providing greater situational awareness, which enables a more informed response.

Data-driven video management system

female security operator in a control room, looking at two screens with BVMS

BVMS is a data-driven video management system that supports predictive solutions by establishing a decision center delivering actionable insights to customers so they can make informed decisions. With BVMS 11.0, operators can easily prevent, detect, and solve security and safety related incidents by visualizing the right information at the right time. The modular, resilient system offers maximum security through its seamless integration possibilities with the widest range of security domains and applications. This means it can add value at every touchpoint from video management and access control to intrusion detection and crowd control. Not only does it present all relevant information at the right time, it does so via one, intuitive interface – irrespective of how many systems are integrated.

Map-based tracking assistant: never lose track of people and objects

The newly released map-based tracking assistant ensures operators will never lose track of moving objects and people across multiple cameras.

Thanks to BVMS 11.0’s support of online maps, all cameras and their fields of view can be shown with icons on an interactive map, giving operators a complete overview of the entire camera network regardless of system size. The zoom and scroll options allow them to adjust the map section to the required location easily. To track an object, operators can select cameras in succession along the moving path of the person or object. A multi-cameo view displays the main camera as well as the four closest cameras. Corresponding camera icons are shown on the map view, helping operators to identify the next main camera to observe. The map-based tracking assistant offers:

  • Intuitive and reliable tracking – even when operators are not familiar with the camera locations
  • Easy orientation thanks to the combined multi-cameo and map view
  • Dynamic “First-person view” to easily understand the camera field of view and the person’s or object’s position on the map
  • Quick and easy configuration
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Elevating video management to support predictive solutions

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The ability to take video data, analyze it, manage it, and provide actionable insights in real-time for operators is integral to any video management system. Operators need a solution capable of consolidating, filtering and augmenting data provided by multiple video cameras. The map-based tracking assistant augments video data of multiple cameras with online maps combined with multi-cameo views to provide more context, enhance situational awareness, and easily keep track of persons and objects across multiple cameras. Once combined with Bosch cameras that feature built-in Video Analytics, BVMS can be elevated with Intelligent Insights. Bosch’s newest data management software aggregates and visualizes metadata of one or multiple cameras in intuitive widgets that are quick and easy to understand. When operators grasp the context of the data, they can make informed decisions. Intelligent Insights allows operators to quickly see real-time visualizations of counted objects such as people or cars within a specific period, object movement, crowd formation, or the area fill level. Using these visualizations, operators can evaluate the data generated by multiple cameras to get a genuine understanding of the situation and context. Intelligent Insights completes the metadata journey from scene to screen and presents information that is simple to read, easy to interpret, and fast to act on before a potential situation occurs.

A trusted solution ensuring the availability and security of data

Users can rely on BVMS for maximum resilience with continuous live video and playback, no matter the interruption. It keeps operations running even if both management and recording servers fail.

Bosch AIoT video products and software are secure by design, a systematic approach centered on a built-in Trusted Platform Module (TPM), safely storing all certificates and keys needed for authentication and encryption. This strategy encompasses Bosch cameras, storage devices, and network communications. BVMS uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which prevents sensitive data from unauthorized access. It also offers extensive user management to ensure only authorized users have access to video data.

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BVMS portfolio

Thanks to its scalability, BVMS grows with the customer’s video surveillance system's needs and can manage up to 200,000 cameras. From live and recorded video data to advanced functionalities such as alarm and event management, map viewing capabilities, and maximum resilience, there's a BVMS edition for everyone.


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