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AIoT video systems support sustainable business

AIoT video systems from Bosch are built to meet the demands of the future. This includes supporting companies on their journey to reduce CO₂. We call this the Green Way promise. It is a unique cloud-based approach that ensures our solutions are designed to maximize convenience and minimize costly on-site visits, effectively reducing travel and CO₂ emissions.

building the positive: Bosch video surveillance camera supporting remote commissioning
Is there a way to reduce CO2 emissions with video systems?


The Green Way promise.

Our goal: Full service with minimum emissions

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All Bosch cameras support remote configuration, management, and planning. System integrators can work remotely with customers to perform services such as changing configuration settings or installing firmware updates. Remote health checks ensure systems meet the highest reliability standards. This approach minimizes the number of commutes, resulting in sustainable business practices that are economically viable, socially responsible, and environmentally friendly. Here we present three examples of how Bosch delivers on the Green Way promise.

project assistant app on phone

Work remotely from the start. Project Assistant makes it possible

With the Project Assistant software, project set-up and pre-configuration can start in the office without the physical camera needing to be present. Only the project plans, IP addresses, and the client’s password are required for the system integrator to create a new project via the software. There is also an option to set up each camera individually or multiple cameras at once. Designed and developed to assist system integrators, the Project Assistant software is available for installation on desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices and works on Apple, Windows, and Google platforms. It is accessible to everyone, so everyone can benefit from the control, transparency, and efficiency made possible by the Project Assistant app at every phase of a video systems project. Creating a set of virtual cameras within the software eliminates the need for unboxing and re-boxing of products for labeling and pre-configuration in the system integrator’s office and has been found to deliver significant time savings of up to 30%. And it reduces the logistic efforts involved in shipping the goods from the manufacturers warehouse to the system integrators office and subsequently to the customers premises, which helps reduce CO2 emissions.

Remote device management for environmentally friendly operation

Remote device management is a combination of Bosch tools, like Project Assistant and Configuration Manager, and services for secure, transparent, and cost-effective device management throughout product life cycles. From anywhere in the world, system integrators can organize and monitor device status across sites and check if they work properly and securely after they have been deployed. If there is an issue, system integrators get a notification. They can act immediately to troubleshoot the problem by accessing a camera’s web interface from the Remote Portal or by logging in to their Remote Portal account from the Configuration Manager to interact with the devices as if they were on-site. Online device management can reduce or eliminate travel and the associated carbon emissions.

Remote device management

The next step toward more sustainability: Remote commissioning

Remote commissioning camera

FLEXIDOME IP starlight 8000i and FLEXIDOME IP indoor 8000i cameras, like all Bosch cameras, offer remote off-site project planning and product setup via Project Assistant, Configuration Manager, or Remote Portal. Once cameras are physically installed on-site, the setup, adjustment, reporting, and management can be performed remotely. FLEXIDOME IP starlight 8000i and FLEXIDOME IP indoor 8000i cameras go the extra mile. Together with the Project Assistant software, their remote commissioning concept enables the required field of view (pan, tilt, roll, and zoom function) to be set without physically having to touch the camera or lens. One more way that these cameras can support sustainable solutions is by reducing the CO2 emissions and costs associated with site visits.

Working together for sustainability

Find out what we do to increase long-term energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprints. You can call it sustainability... We call it: Building the positive.

building the positive: skyline of a city with sunny weather

Explore more about sustainability

building the positive: backwards compatible fire alarm system

Fire alarm systems make an important contribution to sustainability

Every fire in buildings or industrial facilities not only causes economic damage, but also harms the environment and can threaten life and health. For this reason alone, fire alarm systems make an important contribution to sustainability. But other aspects such as durability, flexibility or remote monitoring also ensure that Bosch systems protect the climate and resources.
building the positive: woman in a building walking past the Preasensa Wall Mount Call Station with Extension

PRAESENSA makes a statement for sustainability

Whether in transportation and industry, universities, hotels, or shopping malls, public address and voice alarm systems help people stay informed and feel safe and comfortable. PRAESENSA from Bosch goes one step further. This advanced and extremely cost-efficient IP-connected solution also makes a statement for sustainability: It saves energy, conserves resources, and reduces CO₂ emissions.
A designer is designing a new packaging box, packaging samples are on the desk Building the Positive

Our team for sustainable packaging

When developing safety and security systems for sustainable buildings, you should ensure that the packaging is environmentally friendly. Our packaging team in Ovar, Portugal, has been managing more than 500 projects all over the world. With innovative packaging concepts, they make a large positive impact on efficiency, the environment, and people. We talked to the team members about what drives them, what they have already achieved, and what they are currently working on.

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