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Fire Alarm Systems

AVENAR panel 2000 and 8000

smart, scalable and sustainable fire alarm control panels

AVENAR fire alarm control panel with user interface

An adaptable, future-proof fire alarm solution brings fire protection into the next generation. Award-winning fire alarm control panels series, AVENAR 2000 and 8000, are fully networked for transparent, real-time remote monitoring, so safety managers can respond rapidly to the first signs of fire.

Solutions for integrating FACPs for complete fire safety coverage

Application Areas

How it works

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Award winng AVENAR Fire Panels run on a state-of-the-art Linux operating system. The award-winning technology is IoT-ready and smart with secure cloud-based connectivity and remote access, control and response capabilities. The advanced technology makes it highly reliable against false alarms for superior protection. Installation is easy and the new panel series will run on the same networks as the legacy Modular Fire Panel 5000 Series.

AVENAR panel 2000
compact and modular fire alarm panels – comprising six modules and up to four signaling line circuits (loops). Perfect for small to mid-sized fire safety projects.

AVENAR panel 8000
a completely modular and networkable fire alarm control unit with up to 46 modules and up to 32 loops. Ideal for mid to large-sized fire safety projects.


Ease of use

The intuitive seven-inch user interface, the e-matrix, provides a complete overview of alerts and maintenance needs. Users can now fully operate safety facilities, including voice alarms and fire protection equipment. Language-neutral, design-patented LED icons and color coding make it easy to follow and control.


The completely modular system makes it easily expandable and business efficient for customized fire detection, with significant cost reductions.


AVENAR panel is future proof for the development of smart buildings. High-performance and secure connectivity over smart devices allows for reliable, real-time safety coverage.

Remote services

Monitoring and maintenance checks can be carried out at a distance 24/7, thanks to Ethernet technology and secured cloud-based networks.


The AVENAR fire panel series is completely backwards compatibility with previously installed Bosch systems. This also makes retrofits highly cost-effective.

Voice alarm integration

AVENAR panels interface directly with voice alarm solutions. These integration options enable voice-activated and phased evacuation of specific points, such as entrance and exit areas.

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Kristof Vandenberghe

Kristof Vandenberghe

Product Manager for Fire and Evacuation Systems, Bosch Building Technologies

“We’re building upon our leadership in fire alarm systems that are trusted in applications across the globe to position AVENAR panels as a major step into the future of connected and smart building technologies.”

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