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Bosch Security and Safety Systems I Czech Republic
Fire Alarm Systems

Quality & Responsibility

100% quality - tested beyond specifications

Monitoring test fire at fire laboratory

Commitment to quality

Bosch is a leading global supplier of security, safety and communications products, solutions and services. From sourcing raw materials to production, logistics and technical support, our total commitment is a guarantee of 100% quality. Therefore we test all fire detection products at our internal R&D laboratories – even beyond specifications. As part of Customer Experience Days, our customers from all over the world can get their personal insight to this commitment to quality.

"When you are visiting the lab or testing facility, [...] you see how much effort they invest in the testing."

Fire Systems Testing Laboratories

View inside the fire laboratory near Munich

Fire Laboratory

Ensuring top quality and making fire detection systems safer are our main goals – that is the reason why we even have our own fire laboratory. Here, fire-fascinated employees perform test fires according to EN54 and UL268 standards with our products. This is an important step to acquire certification from the test institute VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH. Before receiving the approval, every fire detection product on the market has previously passed various standard tests. These include a series of different fires that show how the detectors perform under different conditions. In order to optimize the certification process, we carry out these tests under the same conditions as in the certification institute where each new product is inspected prior to the actual certification.

Inside the Sensor Lab with its smoke tunnel

Fire Sensor Laboratory

In our Sensor Lab we perform tests in a so-called smoke tunnel that is identical to the official one at the certification institute. As we aim to offer high reliability, intelligent detection and superior protection, we check our detectors’ sensitivities and monitor corrosion properties – already during development and before the actual certification.

Inside the EMC lab

EMC Laboratory

Testing electromagnetic immunity and emission is an equally important part of the product certification process – this takes place in our internal EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) Lab. Here, the detectors are analysed for different types of emissions, e.g. radiated or conducted emission, and we make sure that no voltage fluctuations and flickering occur. Additionally, we conduct tests to find out whether the products are immune to surge voltages, electrostatic discharge and radiated electromagnetic fields.

#Behind the Scenes

Get an insight into one of our laboratories and see the EMC lab through the eyes of a visitor.

Live Experience Fire Systems

Bosch customers visit BMW Welt and Olympic Area in Munich

Customer Experience Days

During the Customer Experience Days (short: CEDs), Bosch customers have the chance to take a look behind the scenes of our headquarters in Grasbrunn near Munich. From witnessing test fires first hand and visiting other laboratories like the Sensor and EMC lab, to learning more about our diverse solution portfolio – here our customers can experience the Bosch spirit and our approach to offering 100% quality. As a substantial part of the CEDs, we take our customers to visit reference sites in Munich and show them how Bosch fire products are implemented and used in real life projects. In the Munich area our products can be found in various buildings, such as the soccer stadium Allianz Arena, BMW Welt, BMW Museum as well as the Olympic Tower, Olympic Hall and Olympic Stadium .

Customers during the Sales Battle Workshop

Sales Battles

At sales workshops – our so-called Sales "Battles" – we bring the products, its features and advantages closer to participants. Customers, such as System Integrators and Consultants, do not only learn more about our solution portfolio, but also get useful insights into Bosch's history with fire safety. In different interactive workshops, we focus on providing the right arguments for good sales negotiations. Having a good understanding for the customer's needs is the fundamental basis for a customized solution that provides safety for people and assets at a high quality level.

View inside the Technical Training Room in Grasbrunn

Technical Trainings

In our professionally-equipped training room, visitors and customers can take the opportunity to familiarize themselves with our portfolio. Besides that, in various training sessions they learn how to plan, how to program and how to install complex fire alarm systems in various application scenarios.

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