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Bosch Security and Safety Systems I UK
Oil, Gas and Refinery

You ensure security never runs on empty

Oil / Gas / Refinery

Pipelines, refineries and other plants engaged in the supply of important fuel sources depend on state-of-the-art surveillance systems, fire detection and intrusion alarms. They also need efficient and dependable emergency and voice alarm capabilities to keep the energy flowing.

Customer stories

Two polar bears standing on ice floes in the Beaufort Sea.

Caelus Natural Resources Alaska

Polar bears have grown to like the Oooguruk drill site of Caelus Natural Resources Alaska, LLC. The island is located in Harrison Bay and also in the migratory path of the polar bears and therefore needed a video system solution which guaranteed safety for both human and animals 24/7.

Kuwait National Petroleum Company

Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Kuwait

And where Bosch refines the art of safety, with public address and evacuation systems that help empty office buildings, control centers and workshops at three refineries around the country in an emergency.

Petronas Carigali

Petronas Carigali, Malaysia

Like these, at the national oil and gas company of Malaysia.

The lighting is bad, clarity of images is extremely important and one of the job requirements is surviving an explosion. All in a day’s work for the MIC cameras and video infrastructure from Bosch.

Our solutions for oil, gas and refinery


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