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Release of BVMS 10.1

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The comprehensive security solution that visualizes the right information at the right time

The most effective video security solutions do more than simply capture relevant images; the future of security is data driven. That means the focus is on combining relevant data from multiple security domains at the right time to substantially improve security. It requires a modular concept that is capable of including data from video cameras, access controllers, intrusion detectors and data management systems such as Intelligent Insights, depending on customer needs. In addition, it must be capable of presenting the data in a format that is easy to access and understand.

That’s precisely the thinking behind the latest version of BVMS. BVMS 10.1 is a modular and resilient security system that aggregates and delivers consolidated data to security operators in a way that helps them make informed decisions – so they can trigger the right actions and deploy a swift response to improve security and safety.

Designed for tailored security

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BVMS makes it possible to combine information from multiple security domains. That means you can elevate a simple security system to a smart solution that does far more than you thought possible.

For example, when combined with the Access Management System 3.0, BVMS enables security operators to scrutinize any person attempting to gain entry using manual video verification. Not only can the operator instantly verify if the person matches the registered cardholder in the database, they can also search for cardholder activities, and other activities at the door. This makes it possible to check who has entered a certain area, and at what time, which is especially helpful for forensic investigations.

The real beauty of seamless integration is that it eliminates the need to switch between different systems. Access commands and events of the Access Management System 3.0 can be handled directly within BVMS, increasing the efficiency of both domains. The integration also increases the overall level of security because an event in one domain can always trigger a reaction in another. So, when a door is forced open, for example, a camera can instantly start recording what happens at that door. Or if the video analytics in an intelligent camera detects that a certain spot has become overcrowded, a door can be automatically unlocked to provide another exit.

When integrated with the B and G Series intrusion control panels, all relevant intrusion events and alarms appear in the alarm list of BVMS, prioritized with relevant information. Additionally, critical alarms can provide automatic video verification of multiple cameras for immediate overview on the scene.

BVMS creates a formidable security concept for increased situational awareness and security by covering and visualizing data from video, access and intrusion solutions - all managed through one comprehensive user-friendly system.

Easy and fast access to data with enhanced Forensic Search

Security operations often involve the gathering of evidence from hours of recorded video footage. Combined with cameras with built-in Video Analytics from Bosch, BVMS, thanks to the enhanced Forensic Search capability, makes it possible to retrieve the right footage from hours of stored video instantly and analyze the scene by providing different statistics so an operator can act faster and more efficiently to potential threats.

Enhanced Forensic Search allows that search pre-sets can be saved, along with their respective criteria. This speeds up the whole search process, making it more efficient by enabling operators to adjust and enhance previous searches, or simply repeat a search that has already been executed. BVMS also offers smarter interaction between the Forensic Search dialog, the timeline and the playback image pane – all within the same intuitive dashboard. This eliminates the need for operators to switch between different windows because incidents, objects, and object filters such as color or speed are already defined in the search dialog. Search results are displayed in clickable boxes on the timeline, which trigger recorded video sequences in the playback image pane. In addition, BVMS also generates a table view of search results that operators can click through without having to scroll through the timeline. Both time-saving features that make searching for specific incidents fast and far more efficient.

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Intelligent Insights to easily understand situation and context

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Once BVMS is combined with Bosch cameras that feature built-in Video Analytics it can be extended with ‘Intelligent Insights’. Bosch’s newest data management software aggregates and visualizes metadata of one or multiple cameras in intuitive widgets that are quick and easy to understand. Because it is only by understanding the context of the data that operators can make informed decisions.

Intelligent Insights allows operators to quickly see the number of counted objects such as people or cars within a time period, the movement of objects, the formation of a crowd or the fill-level of an area. All visualized in real time, so they can evaluate the data generated by multiple cameras and get a genuine understanding of the situation and context. In short, Intelligent Insights completes the metadata journey from scene to screen and presents it in a way that is simple to read, easy to interpret, and fast to act on.

Data-driven security management you can build on

With BVMS 10.1, Bosch has redefined Video Management Systems. The modular, resilient system offers maximum security through its seamless integration possibilities with the widest range of security domains and applications. This means it can add value at every touchpoint from video management and access control to intrusion detection and crowd control. Not only does it present all relevant information at the right time, it does so via one, intuitive interface – irrespective of how many systems are integrated. Altogether, these benefits make BVMS 10.1 the definitive choice for high-level security and informed decision-making, taking video management to the next level.

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