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Artificial Intelligence

Get data with AI

AI driven video security

Harness the Power to Predict with our AI-enabled camera portfolio

When cameras can understand what they’re seeing, they can convert video data into actionable insights allowing users to predict and pre-empt potential dangers. Years ago, we recognized the acceleration and adoption of AI as a trend, and we equipped all our video security cameras with built-in AI as a standard.

Cameras produced on our open platform come with AI inside, so users can add software whenever to enhance functionality. As video security camera technology evolves and operates with predictive intelligence, the more advanced cameras will tap deep learning algorithms to learn and recognize patterns, tackling the most complex tasks faster and with higher accuracy.

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AI-enabled and ready to connect

Our AI-enabled cameras add sense and structure to video data, making it easier for you to help your customers meet their challenges head-on. Their AI capabilities enable them to understand what they’re seeing and add meaning to captured video with metadata. This process is an important first step in converting rich contextual and behavioral video data into actionable insights. It supports building predictive solutions that help users anticipate unforeseen events and prevent them from happening. All our cameras connect to the IoT to support recurring revenue models via services and remote access and management via the secure Bosch cloud.

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AI-driven Video Analytics

With built-in AI, your customers can get more value from the data they already have. They can unify data by creating decision centers for intelligent dashboards and make increasingly valuable predictions based on data. We offer a menu of Video Analytics, on-premise or in the cloud, to help security professionals address various challenges and deliver value beyond security.

Our AI-driven Video Analytics are accurate, consistent, reliable, and easy to use and deploy. They offer security professionals and users an enhanced experience with a straightforward UX design. Standard use cases need no calibration. Thanks to an intuitive graphical user interface, visual models, and customization options, the configuration is explicit for more advanced use cases.

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Machine learning

Camera Trainer, a machine learning technology, substantially improves the level of security for people and property and leads to new customized applications and uses. Our cameras can be taught to identify new objects and situations within any user-defined scene. Instructions can be added at any time and the cameras use these instructions to process future scenes.

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Deep learning

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning with three or more layers that allow it to optimize and refine what it learns from data. It enables autonomous vehicles to recognize traffic signs, detect obstacles, and determine if a collision is possible. We began to add these AI technologies to our camera platforms in 2021 because they improve automation by performing analytical and physical tasks with higher precision and accuracy without human intervention. Deep neural network (DNN) - based analytics are refined using high-quality, real-life data from the field, enabling them to recognize patterns to tackle more complex tasks faster, easier, and with greater accuracy. It also helps to understand customer-specific applications at an ever-deeper level.

Trends & Technologies

If you are a user, buyer or planner of safety, security or communication solutions, then this is your new information hub. We created this trends and technologies to generate insights, to provide information about useful trends and to support you in creating ideas for better and more efficient solutions.