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Video security cameras

IP 3000i cameras

Extend smart video security to general surveillance applications

IP 3000i security camera family

IP 3000i security solutions offer all the core advantages you would expect from Bosch. They’re built for high-quality, 24/7 performance with a range of reliable surveillance features, and they’re designed for easy installation.

Built-in Essential Video Analytics

IP 3000i cameras offer something that the market has never seen before in such competitively-priced cameras; built-in Essential Video Analytics as standard. It opens up new possibilities for IoT applications and smart data capture that help to improve security and even go beyond it with video analytics features such as detecting blocked emergency exits or queue notification. Smart solutions that until now, have not been available to customers looking for a cost-effective video surveillance solution.

Previously, built-in intelligence was only available from the IP 4000i range and above. But, true to our philosophy of offering intelligent systems for everyone, applications suitable for such cameras can now also benefit from solutions that go beyond security and obtain valuable data for business intelligence. Essential Video Analytics is perfectly suited to these smaller applications because it can be used for advanced intrusion detection such as identifying a person entering a pre-defined field, loitering, or leaving an object behind. Another use case for Essential Video Analytics is it can be used to enforce detected blocked exits or analyze behavior including people counting which can be used to improve customer service. So in addition to a competitive price tag, IP 3000i cameras add even more value for businesses.

A complete portfolio

The IP 3000i portfolio includes a range of four form factors that are highly affordable. It offers complete flexibility for everyday surveillance in standalone installations such as small retail stores or for general surveillance in commercial buildings, offices and banks. Even general security applications rely on excellent image quality to safeguard people, premises, and property. With this in mind, Bosch IP 3000i cameras offer resolutions from 1080p up to 5MP, up to 30 fps and a High Dynamic Range of 120dB. Three out of four outdoor models also have built-in infrared as standard, enabling them to capture high-quality images – even in complete darkness. The FLEXIDOME IP turret camera also has this infrared feature for indoor surveillance.

Installation made simple

Installation made simple

One of the key advantages of choosing Bosch security cameras is ease of installation. The IP 3000i cameras are no exception. Mounting and cabling for these cameras are split into three easy steps, eliminating the need to juggle the camera and power tools and making the whole process significantly easier. The mini dome and turret versions come with a new mounting plate that helps to achieve this. The bullet base already behaves as a mounting plate and the micro-dome is directly mounted. The FLEXIDOME IP 3000i IR is also compatible with our modular accessories.

Also, the ‘pigtail’ on all form factors has been replaced with cable management that enables clean, streamlined installation through a grommet with a smaller hole to provide greater protection against water ingress. An RJ45 connector can be threaded through the grommet using a special tool bundled with every camera. This eliminates the need for installers to terminate the RJ45 cable during mounting.

Finally, should a complete video security solution be required, IP 3000i cameras can easily be combined with DIVAR hybrid and network units for a plug and play solution.

Reduce bitrate and secure data

IP 3000i cameras offer Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction and intelligent streaming, combined with H.265 video compression. Depending on the content of the scene, this reduces bitrate by up to 80%. It helps to keep video data manageable, while substantially reducing network strain and storage requirements – all without compromising the quality of the video being captured. In addition, like all Bosch network cameras, the IP 3000i models are designed with various hardware and software measures to keep video data secure, including a built-in Trusted Platform Module to safeguard encryption keys.

IP 3000i cameras

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IP 3000i cameras

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