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Video Systems

DIVAR IP all-in-one recording units

The new DIVAR IP all-in-one solutions from Bosch combine recording, video management and local operation, providing you with a complete, easy-to-install video recording system.

Office building, a common application of the DIVAR IP all-in-one portfolio

Professional storage for any video system

The DIVAR IP all-in-one units are specifically designed to work with the video management system from Bosch (BVMS) including the Video Streaming Gateway that enables them to be integrated with third-party cameras, and the Video Recording Manager (VRM). Consequently, these IP storage devices eliminate the need for a separate Network Video Recording (NVR) service and storage hardware, thereby reducing the total cost of hardware.

Seamless management of digital video, audio and data

Pre-installed BVMS for seamless management

BVMS - the video management system from Bosch - provides seamless management of digital video, audio and data across an IP network. As you’d expect, it includes basic features such as viewing, recording, replaying and exporting. However, it also includes advanced video management functions such as event and alarm handling, or forensic searches to retrieve evidence quickly and simply. When integrated with Bosch B and G series intrusion panels, it is also possible to arm and disarm zones directly from the video management system. The integration with the Access Management System allows for manual video verification and alarm handling of access events in BVMS.

Manage large volumes of data extremely efficient

Thanks to its load balancing capabilities, the pre-installed Video Recording Manager (VRM) makes managing large volumes of data extremely efficient. It ensures that recorded video streams are distributed equally among the units, minimizing the chance of over-writing and meeting retention times. In addition, VRM also eliminates bottle-necks in the network. This means there is no single point of failure to compromise availability, even when part of the system goes down.

Video Recording Manager (VRM)

The complete DIVAR IP all-in-one recording portfolio

Three different recorders are available to satisfy a range of system sizes and storage requirements:

The units also support Dynamic Transcoding to give users access to high resolution video of up to 4K Ultra HD on mobile devices, regardless of the available bandwidth.


Professional storage for any video system

Professional storage for any video system

All-in-one solutions: Recording + Video Management Software