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MIC IP fusion 9000i

A Benchmark Innovation Awards 2018 finalist.

We’re proud to announce that the Bosch MIC IP fusion 9000i camera has been nominated as a finalist at the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2018, a scheme which recognizes and rewards innovative thinking and smart design.

Made for the extremes

MIC IP fusion 9000i

So, why the MIC IP fusion 9000i? Well, although we can’t predict the outcome of the awards, something that can be predicted accurately, even in the midst of the most inclement conditions, is the quality of the data captured by this extremely rugged member of the MIC family of moving cameras from Bosch. When developing the MIC IP fusion 9000i, Bosch went to extreme measures to ensure it performs at its best even when the weather is at its worst. That’s why the camera body is constructed from solid metal, capable of withstanding high winds, rain, fog, dust and 100% humidity (UL Type 6P and IP68), extreme vibrations (IEC60068) and high impacts (IK10). The MIC IP fusion 9000i is also designed to be fully operational in extremely cold conditions – down to -40C – with the added protection of a window-defrosting function, so it continues to capture high quality video at very low temperatures.

Maximum situational awareness

Just as the weather is unpredictable, there are scenarios that nobody can ever foresee. The sudden torrential downpour that reduces visibility on the roads. The busy railway yard gripped by arctic temperatures. The national border crossing shrouded in desert dust. In these extreme instances, when objects can become ‘invisible’, the MIC IP fusion 9000i has been proven to remain effective thanks to metadata fusion. This unique capability is made possible by the camera’s two built-in imagers - optical and thermal - in conjunction with the built-in Intelligent Video Analytics. By fusing the metadata of both imagers, users are provided with full situational awareness - regardless of whether it’s the optical or thermal video stream that’s being monitored. For example, should a situation arise when the optical imager is obscured, like in a smoke-filled tunnel, data from the event will still be captured by the thermal imager. If an event is detected but not sufficiently visible in the video stream being watched, an alarm is always triggered notifying users to simply click the alarm overlay box. The user will then see the video data related to that event.

Another standout innovation of the MIC IP fusion 9000i is the ability to use video analytics whilst moving, so when the camera is performing a panning, tilting or zooming move and detects a mobile object in a prohibited area it delivers an alert which activates the Intelligent Tracking feature to automatically track the object and dynamically adjust the field of view, to capture objects in great detail.*

Made for the extremes

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Like all Bosch cameras, the MIC IP fusion 9000i is fully equipped to join the vast infrastructure of lighting, sensors and smart devices that will make daily security operations completely seamless, intuitive and protected. We’re ready for what the future brings.

Find all Benchmark Innovation Awards 2018 finalists here: benchmarkmagazine.com/innovate/

*Only applicable on the MIC IP fusion 9000i optical imager.

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