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Dicentis Flush – Bosch adds modular product range with installation convenience to its IP-based conference portfolio

Dicentis Flush – Bosch adds modular product range with installation convenience to its IP-based conference portfolio

  • Attractive, modular flush-mounted design allows easy system scalability with the option of cost-saving dual-seat setups with microphone sharing
  • Offers installation convenience by using existing IP-infrastructure and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), and by sharing a similar footprint as Bosch DCN devices
  • Delivers best-in-class user experience – superior audio quality and large microphone button design with possible-to-speak indication

Eindhoven/Grasbrunn – Following last year’s introduction of the Dicentis Flush language selector, Bosch is pleased to extend its IP-based Dicentis Conference System with Dicentis Flush, a new range of devices for permanent installations.

The modular design of Dicentis Flush empowers the specifier/installer to tailor the system to the required meeting type. Offering installation convenience in a distinctive stylish design, Dicentis Flush is ideal for use in governmental, non-governmental or intergovernmental organizations, as well as for conference applications in commercial buildings and financial institutions. Dicentis Flush modules have a sleek form factor and black finish that complements any interior, making it suitable for both modern and historic conference locations.

Easy, cost-effective installation

Dicentis Flush incorporates the OMNEO* media networking architecture, which enables cost-effective installations by using existing IP infrastructure and PoE. Its modular design allows future additions as needed, with functions including voting and identification. In combination with a single base device in dual-seat setup, Dicentis Flush supports up to four delegate positions when two microphones are shared, for when social distancing restrictions are lifted. This feature further contributes to space saving and cost reduction.

All modules have a click-to-fit mechanism for easy flush-mounting into metal or wood surfaces such as tabletops or seat armrests. The fitting or removal of the units is possible from either the top or bottom of the table. Blank panels are available in wide and slim designs to cover/reserve unused space. For additional convenience, the Dicentis Flush range shares the same installation footprint as DCN Flush devices from Bosch (with the exception of the loudspeaker panel), allowing easy replacement without major rework of the conference location.

Easy integration

Dicentis Flush can be seamlessly combined with other Dicentis tabletop devices, or with the Dicentis interpreter desk as a fully ISO-compliant interpretation solution. Once connected, it immediately adopts the Dicentis settings – no need to restart the system. The unique Dicentis server-based system architecture makes integration with third-party applications and future cloud-based services easy, and offers a remote desktop application for maintenance purposes.

Enhanced user experience

The intuitive design of the modules contributes to an improved, more natural discussion atmosphere. Participants can choose their preferred language, listen to a speech and/or address the delegates. Depending on the meeting requirements, all deployed modules combine into one functional, straightforward device. User actions (language selection menu, possible-to-speak button, etc.) only light up when the respective function is active, allowing delegates to focus on the discussion.

The Dicentis Flush range offers best-in-class audio quality and speech intelligibility. The loudspeaker module features the same high-quality speaker as the award-winning Dicentis tabletop devices, which also allows the loudspeaker and microphone to be active at the same time. In addition, the audio quality is protected by the shock-mount design of the microphone connection panel, minimizing ambient noise and tabletop vibrations. For convenience, short- and long-stem microphone options are available with screw lock connections.

The Bosch Flush range will be continuously complemented with more features and modules. The new Dicentis Flush range will be available worldwide from December 2021 onwards.

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