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Sony video security solutions for safer, smarter cities

A look at how Sony security cameras help protect urban environments across the world

The right video security camera can make the difference of merely having recorded images to having images that reliably deliver quality and insight when needed the most. And when image quality meets exceptional reliability the right camera also delivers the most value in any project.

Today’s cities are facing greater operational and situational awareness challenges than ever.

Whether requiring cameras to monitor and help regulate traffic, assist in city and public venue surveillance or help gather information for decision making, city departments, emergency and law enforcement agencies require clear and reliable footage and data.

Sony video security solutions meet these challenges to provide the best possible image 24/7.

Sony’s 640 Series (G6-R) cameras deliver exceptional image quality in any situation. Available in vandal- and weather-proof versions these cameras can deliver clear and reliable footage when it matters the most.

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With the outstanding performance of Sony’s powerful 4K camera SNC-VM772R makes it an excellent choice for tracking and managing of public spaces and venues.

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Innovative technology enables the exceptional image quality and performance of Sony’s video security cameras

4K cameras from Sony allow you to see everything and miss nothing. Because of the exceptional detail provided by 4K technology, security professionals can increase wide area surveillance, yet still capture, magnify, and examine the smallest parts of a scene.

Sony Exmor-R CMOS technology delivers greater sensitivity and reduced noise. Up to 3x more light can reach each photodiode, giving much better performance in low light situations.

An ingenious interactive display to entertain pedestrians in one of the busiest areas of Tokyo uses the SNC-VM772R 4K network camera with added Augmented Reality magic. See the power of this camera here and learn more how Sony video security cameras deliver image quality, reliability and attractive total cost of ownership in common applications around citities – summarized in our “Sony video security solutions for safer, smarter cities” brochure.

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Case studies

Sony cameras chosen for Traffic Enforcement and Safety on Sydney Waterway

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