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A comprehensive look at video security in educational institutions.

Safety and well-being of students and staff are top priorities for educational institutions large and small. Available for budgets of any size, video security is an important tool for protecting people, property and buildings day and night.

In applications from faculty corridors and lobbies to outdoor walkways, bus lines and car parks dependable image quality provides details that make the difference – the color of a sweatshirt at night, a license plate reading from a speeding car or a person’s face standing in a shaded spot across the yard.

Sony security cameras employ Sony-developed sensor, optics and image processing technology that can capture these details even in challending conditions.

Sony Exmor-R CMOS technology delivers greater sensitivity and reduced noise. Up to three times more light can reach each photodiode, giving much better performance in low light situations.

View-DR is Sony’s innovative technology to produce images with an extremely wide dynamic range. With View-DR technology, the monitored image become very visible – sometimes it is even more visible than when viewed with the naked eye.

642 series products incorporate Exmor R CMOS sensors in weather- and vandalism proof housings, available with infrared or white-light illumination to provide great quality images anywhere and at any time.

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Image quality being a top priority made Sony an ideal choice for Harton Technology College, which added two of Sony’s SNC-VM772R 4K video security cameras to its existing network. Read more about the project here and download our education brochure to learn how Sony cameras are ideally suited for protecting campus facilities and maintaining the security of staff and students.

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If you’re new to Sony Video Security, we’ve got generous discounts for colleges and universities switching from other camera brands. And the more cameras you buy, the more you’ll save.

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Sony video security cameras are compatible with a large number of video management systems and easily integrated into other 3rd party software systems. Learn more:

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Sony video security cameras support student safety at Torrance Unified School District

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