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High sensitivity 640 Series (G6-R) Full-HD cameras

It is the smallest details that matter – especially when it comes to making quick decisions.

Sony’s new high-sensitivity 640 Series network cameras deliver superb image quality, even in demanding conditions. These cameras combine Sony’s advanced Exmor R™ CMOS image sensors with powerful processing, to offer security professionals crisp Full HD detail and excellent low-light performance.

Capture images beyond the reach of conventional security cameras

The Exmor R™ sensor together with the powerful integrated IR illuminator ensures the cameras are able to capture high-quality IR images without overexposure. This industry-leading feature equips security personnel with more accurate and insightful imagery, encouraging swift and intelligent decisions.

Other highlights include 2-way audio communication and automatic recording to SD memory card in the event of temporary network interruption.

The 640 Series is ideal for a wide range of demanding video security and monitoring applications, including city, transport and commercial surveillance.

The new V and E series includes eight camera models:


Security professionals can now capture objects in dark conditions from a distance of up to 100m with the V-series.

Main features:
1080p/60 fps, high sensitivity, View-DR, Audio, SD card, Easy Focus, PoE, AC24V/DC12V, Sensor Input/Output

Learn more about V-Series cameras on the Sony website:



Premium picture quality is made affordable with the E-Series to suit a wide range of everyday security applications.

Main features:
1080p/60 fps, high sensitivity, View-DR, 2-way Audio, SD card, Easy Focus, PoE.

Learn more about E-Series cameras on the Sony website: