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IP-based PRAESENSA and DICENTIS honored with Bosch Quality Award

Eindhoven, July 2020 – The IP-based Bosch PRAESENSA and DICENTIS product ranges have again been recognized by a prestigious awards committee – this time from within Bosch itself.

An annual event that brings together the entirety of the global Bosch family, the Bosch Quality Awards are intended to celebrate and uphold the company’s core values of excellence and innovation, as laid out by the founder, Robert Bosch, in the closing years of the 19th century. Departments from every corner of the organization are invited to submit projects from the previous 12 months in the hope of being selected as the best of the best.

A total of five categories were presented at a special online ceremony on July 17th, including the Award for Software Quality, which was awarded this year to the Eindhoven-based software development team behind the ground-breaking PRAESENSA public address and DICENTIS conferencing ranges. Both benefit from the same IP-based technology, combining ease-of-use and affordability with advanced functionality.

“Robert Bosch GmbH is a global family with many products and many innovations but one overriding vision – that of our founder, Robert Bosch himself,” commented Ger Cloudt, Global Software R&D Manager at Business Unit Communications Systems, “The Bosch Quality Awards are a mark of our dedication to that vision and so this award means a great deal to our team.”

For more information please visit PRAESENSA Public Address and Voice Alarm System and DICENTIS Conference System.

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