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Intelligent Insights

New version of Intelligent Insights enhances report functionality and adds an API interface

October 2021

woman in city, hand with tablet that shows Intelligent Insights

Intelligent Insights, an AIoT video software solution, consolidates, augments, and converts data from multiple sensors (cameras) into actionable insights. These insights are visualized in easy-to-understand widgets and as a report allowing users to analyze and compare data to support informed decision-making, help users respond before a potential situation occurs, and deliver business intelligence beyond security.

Delivering usable data in two ways

two monitors with report overviews of Intelligent Insights

Using data to improve security, safety, and business decisions has become increasingly important to the market and continues to grow. Intelligent Insights taps live and historical data from Bosch video cameras with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) and allows information to be visualized in two ways: as a widget in a dashboard and as a report. Users can select and display only the widgets they need and choose to view live situations or in periods of 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 12 hours or 24 hours. The enhanced report function of the latest release enables users to analyze and compare all widget data for up to 365 days enabling them to adapt future security and business measures. Additionally, the collected data can be easily exported – either in CSV file format or in JSON format via the newly added API gateway. The JSON format allows for very detailed post-analysis of the data and is ideal for specific report requirements and customized reports.

Widgets make data visible and usable for full situational awareness

Intelligent Insights comes with a series of intuitive dashboard widgets, enabling users to evaluate a complete scene to support security, safety, and well-being in various situations. Depending on the application, users can select the necessary widgets to provide the required information to help predict unwanted events or reveal new opportunities.

Office with some people in the background, hand with tablet that shows Intelligent Insights


Future-proof solution

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Intelligent Insights starts with a basic license that includes all widgets and a single dashboard displaying 16 widgets. The solution can be customized further by adding more dashboards and widgets according to customer needs and requirements. When using Bosch Intelligent Video Analytics, output and data from Camera Trainer technology (included in Intelligent Video Analytics) like counting statistics of customer-specific objects can be visualized and reported. All this, combined with new widgets and functionalities incorporated in forthcoming updates and versions, makes Intelligent Insights a future-proof solution.

Integration with BVMS

Intelligent Insights is not only a powerful standalone software package but also designed for seamless integration. When integrated with BVMS, users can manage their live and recorded video streams and Intelligent Insights data within BVMS’ graphical user interface (GUI). This integration eliminates the need to switch between multiple applications to get a complete picture of the situation.

Security operator sitting in front of monitors with BVMS


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