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Release of BVMS 10.0

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Always watching. Constantly excelling.

The launch of BVMS 10.0 demonstrates the lengths we go to refine, improve and revolutionise video security measures. Our combined offering is all-encompassing, now featuring improved levels of data security and privacy, greater flexibility with ONVIF Profile S certification, the support of person identification solutions and enhanced monitor wall functionality.

Integrate seamlessly, enter securely, with the Access Management System.

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Developed for medium to large-sized applications, the Access Management System is an access control software which, thanks to seamless integration with BVMS 10.0, enables the security level at doors to be increased through the use of manual video verification. Thanks to this additional level of access control, the security operator can now verify a person attempting to gain entry by instantly certifying if they match the registered cardholder in the database, therefore preventing any unauthorized access.

The highest levels of data security, performance and cost-efficiency.

By taking extra security measures, BVMS 10.0 ensures all communication channels and stored information is secured using state-of-the-art IT technologies. Data in transit is protected by encrypting the data directly at the edge, as well as encrypting all communication paths between crucial system components, to significantly reduce the risk of third-party attacks. The protection of stored data is achieved with AES encryption, which effectively prevents data from being accessed by unauthorized persons.

These high levels of data security are only possible with constant monitoring of, and improvements to, overall reliability. The saving and handling of sensitive data requires nothing less.

‘Less’ can also be applied to cost. Since all Bosch cameras are encrypting data at the edge that is sent directly to the storage server via the ISCSI recording protocol, there is almost no impact on the recording performance. The result is a reduced cost in recording hardware, power, cooling and maintenance.

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A focus on flexibility and reassurance, with ONVIF Profile S.

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Thanks to the certification as an ONVIF Profile S client, BVMS 10.0 can configure, request and control video streaming over an IP network from all Profile S devices, for example, an IP network camera, including PTZ, or video encoder capable of sending video data.

Certification ensures that Profile S cameras and encoders can operate with BVMS 10.0 without additional testing, building customer trust, and cost-efficiency by reducing set-up time. What’s more, transitioning to BVMS 10.0 is very straightforward for an existing VMS installation where 3rd party devices are in use. The process is as efficient as it can be because no additional testing is required if the Profile S-compliant cameras work with BVMS.

BVMS 10.0 is person identification-ready. Are you?

Person identification enables the user to input details and data of persons of interest into BVMS, thereafter making it possible for these individuals to be identified when they enter the cameras’ field of view. To learn more about this addition to your video security, contact your local sales representative.

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We listened to your feedback, now see the difference it’s made.

BVMS Monitor Groups

BVMS Monitor Groups gives operators flexible control over the content of a video wall or allows them to let the system take over this control automatically based on pre-defined scenarios. Previously, there were two different ways to control a video wall with different functionalities, but now BVMS Monitor Groups combines these functionalities into a single, consolidated way of working, providing the operator with a more convenient, more intuitive way to control the video wall.

The launch of BVMS 10.0 clearly shows that Bosch is constantly looking ahead. That way, we are ready to outsmart future challenges in security, and provide you with even more peace of mind.


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