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Experience our highlight of 2020

A sneak preview of our latest products, technologies and solutions

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With the Internet of Things (IoT) and increasing intelligence, there are new possibilities for connected security devices beyond their traditional uses. Smart security devices now act as sensors, gathering information on activity or objects in an area to provide business insights and bring new value to organizations. Our industry must anticipate how these capabilities will change end user requirements and preferences, and Bosch is at the forefront – educating the market and delivering the technology to help integrators implement these data-driven solutions.

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Explore the possibilities of increased safety, security and well-being

Northern light that represents the unlimited possibilities that our future brings

Shaping the future

Anticipate the future of security and safety solutions

As the world becomes increasingly connected, the Internet of Things (IoT) presents new opportunities for individuals and businesses. But to take full advantage of the opportunities that the IoT brings, the safety and security industry must embrace change. Bosch is leading by example with the launch of a new camera platform. Designed to revolutionize the market, INTEOX recognizes the fact that security solutions have far more potential than just creating a safe and secure environment. Security devices are actually sophisticated sensors that can provide valuable data that can be analyzed and used in a whole host of new and beneficial ways, many of which we can only imagine.

Northern light that represents the unlimited possibilities that our future brings
Smart video solutions can give you business insights.

Smarter video

Improve security and gain valuable insights with smarter video

At Bosch we believe that smarter video systems can go beyond security. That’s why all our IP cameras have built-in Video Analytics as standard.
Video Analytics is an important enabler of any strategy to substantially improve levels of security, as well as offering clear business advantages beyond security. It acts as the 'brains' of a security system, using metadata to add sense and structure to captured video footage.

Be inspired by our latest innovations:

Smart video solutions can give you business insights.
Customizable solutions

Tailored security

Customize security and safety solutions

At Bosch, we offer a flexible security concept that includes intrusion detection, access control and video management. These modules are ideal as standalone, but can scale into a complete security solution depending on customer needs.

Customizable solutions
Smart devices for integrated security systems

Intelligent security solutions

Incorporate smart devices into integrated systems

Combine intrusion detection, video systems and smart data, access control, and communications technology to enable increased safety and security, more efficient monitoring and control, and automated audio announcements. The ability to trigger connected systems using security devices can help enhance the comfort and sustainability of a building. For example, presenting access control credentials can turn on lighting and heating or cooling systems in a specific area of a building – limiting use to only when needed to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Access control integrated with intrusion detection and video security also benefits high risk areas of a building. Using dual authentication, users must present a credential at an access control reader and enter a pin on a keypad when accessing a high security area. Integration with Bosch IP cameras ensures that any attempts to enter the area by unauthorized individuals will trigger the Bosch Video Management System to display video of the location at the operator workstation.

Smart devices for integrated security systems

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