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Bosch Security and Safety Systems I Global

Building solutions for a better life

Mother and daughter inside a smart building

Buildings today don’t only provide a safe, functional place for people to live and work. They can also cater for – and even respond to – their needs, while helping them work more efficiently and sustainably. The Internet of things (IoT) and sensor-driven technologies play a vital role in this. At Bosch Building Technologies, we are at the forefront of these new developments.

With innovative solutions in everything from access to fire prevention and public announcement to intelligent video security, we are helping redefine people’s relationships with the buildings they spend their time in.


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Working together for sustainability

building the positive: man looking in camera
Do safety and security solutions help fight climate change?


When they reliably increase energy efficiency.

Discover what we do to make a positive impact with our building solutions. Working together with our customers and suppliers – to conserve valuable resources, increase long-term energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprints and promote the well-being and satisfaction of people. We call it: Building the positive.

What drives us

Anticipating - forecast situations and user needs

Benefit from advanced building technologies that can anticipate people’s needs and challenges, so as to deliver the exact services they require.

Sustainable - contribute to a better world and save costs

Use and manage spaces more efficiently to lower the carbon footprint of buildings while extending their flexibility and lifetime.

Inspiring - shape your future

Be inspired to develop value-adding ideas for your current or new business through the insightful use of data.

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Our History

Bound to a strong heritage – Quality, the key to the Bosch philosophy:

Robert Bosch Portrait

We should all strive to improve on the status quo: none of us should ever be satisfied with what has been achieved, but should always endeavor to do better.

Robert Bosch, 1918

Board of Management

Our Company Brochure

Our Company Brochure

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Our Brands

Bosch Security and Safety Systems encompasses a number of different brands which are tailored to individual market requirements, and whose products and services are also designed to improve quality of life. Explore these brands below: