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Safeguarding Alfasigma headquarters with high-end security by Bosch

Around-the-clock protection of critical infrastructure

Office building

Corporate headquarters of global companies call for high-end security to protect employees and property from threats such as fire and intrusion. When the Italian pharma company Alfasigma performed an extensive infrastructure remodel of its corporate headquarters in Bologna and international offices in Milan, it was the right time to add 24-hour video security and upgrade alarm systems.

Infrastructure remodel meets security upgrade

View over Bologna

With a global presence in 18 countries, the Italian pharma company Alfasigma has seen rapid expansion over the past years: The multi-national corporation now employs about 3,000 people worldwide and generates annual revenues of EUR 1.06 billion. In order to keep up with this growth – and enhance building safety – Alfasigma decided to modernize two sites containing important business units and intellectual property. From a safety standpoint, the company was looking to add 24-hour video security to its corporate headquarters in Bologna and international offices in Milan through modern security cameras built for outdoor use. The building remodel also provided an opportunity to upgrade fire alarm and intrusion detection while possibly saving cost by re-using pre-installed system components.

“We have always been attentive to the safety of our buildings and recently have undergone a drastic change in the company concept, with a change in the layout of the buildings in Milan and Bologna"
Stefano Borsarini, Facility, Maintenance and EHS Manager at both Alfasigma facilities

Protecting critical buildings day and night

The one-stop provider Bosch added around-the-clock security to the buildings’ exteriors by installing FLEXIDOME IP starlight cameras. These high-definition cameras are safeguarding mission-critical environments such as airports and government buildings worldwide and offer the right level of protection for Alfasigma’s demands: They are highly suited for outdoor use on the strength of being weather-resistant, water-tight and able to withstand high impact. What’s more, the IP-based cameras incorporate Bosch starlight technology, assuring high picture quality even in challenging light conditions such as night-time or inclement weather.

Flexidome IP Starlight on building

Saving cost by re-using legacy components

Office floor of an Alfasigma headquarter

Because the interior layout of the buildings in Milan and Bologna had undergone significant changes, Alfasigma needed to adjust fire and intrusion alarm to the new design. These types of upgrades can be costly and time-intensive, but the team selected flexible solutions that allowed integration of existing system components. For intrusion alarm for instance, they installed the easily scalable intrusion panel Modular Alarm Platform MAP 5000, a large part re-used from the legacy system instead of investing in new detectors. To further protect Alfasigma against intruders, the system also features ceiling-mounted DINION IP video cameras that monitor the insides of both buildings around the clock.

“The video surveillance products are excellent and have impressed me the most. We are very satisfied, above all, with the high quality of the products.”
Stefano Borsarini

To adjust fire alarm systems to the new building layout, the team chose the Modular Fire Panel 5000 Series. The system’s modular configuration allows for rapid extension and modification whenever components need to be added or relocated. It now provides full coverage of Alfasigma’s buildings via 190 fire alarm detectors and 28 manual call points.

Fire detector in an office building
Production of medical ampoules

For an extra layer of protection, the fire alarm system is also directly interfaced with the PLENA Voice Alarm System (VAS) from Bosch: During a fire or emergency, it allows operators to conduct an evacuation by zones in order of priority. Evacuation starts with occupants closest to the threat, addressed via separate loudspeaker zones, then continues on adjacent floors. This efficient combination of fire alarm and voice instructions has proven to achieve time savings of up to 30 percent for emergency responders.

Now installed at both locations, the modular and scalable system not only provides security around the clock but, looking ahead, is capable of keeping pace with Alfasigma’s rapid growth.

“Thanks to the high quality of the products and the continuous technical support, Bosch was chosen to support the major change in the buildings"
Stefano Borsarini
Office building

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