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A detailed look at image quality, from Bosch.

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These days, it’s a standard requirement of security devices to perform smarter in the way they think as the importance of data capture and the opportunities provided by connected infrastructures and the IoT become more prevalent. That’s why Bosch constantly pushes the boundaries of technology to develop intelligent solutions that exceed the highest security demands of today, and deliver clear business advantages beyond security. We believe the logical progression for security is to enable customers to interpret and repurpose, at source, the huge amounts of data captured by video.

However, we also believe what’s equally important to how a device thinks is how well it sees. If accurate information can’t be delivered in the case of an emergency, or precise evidence be provided after a criminal act, even the best video and data technology is rendered redundant. Consequently, Bosch never loses sight of the importance of image quality, offering resolutions up to 4K ultra HD, starlight technology for low-light situations, and thermal solutions for early detection in poor lighting conditions.

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With our latest firmware release (6.50), Bosch continues to innovate video security and integrate advanced technology features, including the capability to offer even higher quality images. With enhanced contrast and sharpness of images, haziness is reduced and image detail increased, whilst an improved wider dynamic range implementation increases visibility in areas susceptible to both highlights and dark spots. Captured images also benefit from further enhancements to facial detail visibility, designed to deal with strong backlight.

Our latest development delivers less color desaturation too, even at low lux levels, to maintain colorful images in those less-than-perfect lighting situations. The benefit of this goes beyond visibility alone, because a key element in the effectiveness of video analytics is color filtering. So, when the colors that are captured are more accurate, the information that is subsequently sourced is more accurate, and levels of trust in the system reach new highs.

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The Bosch products already realizing the benefits of the latest firmware update are the FLEXIDOME IP 4000i and 5000i range (fixed dome) and the DINION IP 4000i, 5000i and 6000i range (bullet), predominantly used in retail environments, plus the AUTODOME IP 5000i moving cameras mainly used for city surveillance.

If we first focus on retail, this firmware update provides a new level of enhancement to images captured by the FLEXIDOME IP and DINION IP 4000i, 5000i and 6000i range. An example of this being put into practice is the way these cameras can now secure the entrance to premises by capturing detailed images that can differentiate between objects and people, even whilst compensating for fluctuations in backlight and front light. Quality of image can also prove invaluable in retail, particularly when combined with Essential Video Analytics, which all IP 4000i, IP 5000i and IP 6000i cameras now feature as standard. This enables valuable data to be retrieved for instances like enforcing health and safety regulations and maximizing sales.

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Meanwhile, the firmware update is making a difference to AUTODOME 5000i cameras. These cameras are mainly used in city surveillance and medium-sized, highly frequented areas such as car parks and warehouses, areas which are susceptible to poor lighting. The capabilities of the cameras, coupled with the updated firmware, provides images of enhanced quality and improved usability.

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Latest firmware 6.50

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