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DICENTIS Conference System

Software release 4.00 brings more functionality, flexibility and comfort to DICENTIS

Now fully supporting the new flush range for fixed installations

Meeting participants are voting with their DICENTIS multimedia device

Standardized IP technology and a software-based ecosystem ensure a reliable, scalable and future-proof conference solution. With DICENTIS, we have one goal in mind: enhancing your conference business by continuously improving meeting efficiency and system flexibility. This also includes a smooth interaction with third-party equipment and system configuration aids. Our regular software updates answer questions that arise in the conference market, incorporate new insights learned in the field and offer an improved user experience.

DICENTIS 4.00 highlights

Take a look at the release notes, read all about the new additions to the DICENTIS Conference System and download the new software from the website.

DICENTIS Conference System family image with the multimedia device, the new flush range, the four different discussion devices, the APS, interpreter desk and the system server.

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