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Extending DICENTIS interpretation product lineup for multilingual events

Introducing the new DICENTIS Flush language selector

The new DICENTIS Flush language selector used in meetings

DICENTIS is specifically created to enhance the meeting management for all multi-lingual meetings where simultaneous interpretation is required, making it an ideal choice for parliaments and international conventions and events. The interpreter desk plays a key role and complies with the latest market requirements and is optimized for the real-life needs of interpreters. Up to 100 interpreter-provided languages are supported, streamed from the DICENTIS Interpreter desk via an IP network to the different DICENTIS Conference devices.

What is new? The joy of understanding with the DICENTIS Flush language selector

The DICENTIS Flush Language Selector used in an international meeting

The new intuitive language selector serves the passive listeners such as meeting delegates or journalists. Finished in black, this device has a sleek form factor that will complement any interior, making it ideal for both modern and historic conference locations.

Additional design features utilize the latest technology to ensure a positive user experience. Touch buttons add to the streamlined look and feel of the device. The language selection functionality - with language ISO abbreviations or descriptions in native characters – is only visible when a headphone is connected and when interpretation languages are available. The bright screen automatically switches off seconds after use.

What is key? Speaking your language with DICENTIS Interpreter desk

Speaking the language of the interpreter, that’s what it is all about. The ergonomic DICENTIS Interpreter desk complies with ISO-20109, enforcing high quality and uniformity for interpreting equipment so interpreters know what to expect. This provides the interpreter maximum freedom to focus on the job.

The vertical Graphical User Interface logically divides the sections for input and output languages in two columns. A simplified DICENTIS Interpreter desk interface, showing only the used functions, can be configured for less experienced users. During the entire interpreting process, only relevant information is displayed and unused features can be hidden. This means that the interpreter can observe the speaker’s non-verbal communication to provide the best possible interpretation.

The DICENTIS Interpreter desk used and the ISO 20109 logo displayed

Device integration

The image shows a meeting member listening in over headphones

All DICENTIS Conference System devices can be easily combined in one system solution. Active conference participants can use the Discussion device with language selector, the Discussion device with touchscreen, or the Multimedia device to select their preferred language. Passive listeners can follow meeting proceedings on the Flush language selector in the language of their choice.

Device installation and configuration

Like all other DICENTIS conference devices, the flush-mounted language selector connects to the IP-network. Once connected, it automatically adopts the DICENTIS interpretation settings, ensuring efficient routing of the selected language. This is achieved instantly and requires no extra configuration or system restart.

The use of OMNEO IP Technology means that existing network infrastructure and third party solutions (such as Dante™ audio) can be used. A third party external screen can be connected to the HDMI video output on the DICENTIS Interpreter desk. This also means multiple video feeds can be distributed to the interpreters without extra cabling for video. Showing the facial expression of the speaker on one screen and at the same time displaying the meeting presentation on 2nd screen, can help them to provide a more accurate interpretation.

The DICENTIS Conference System can easily be configured and reconfigured to increase the number of participants who can listen to the proceedings with passive-room coupling.

This shows a meeting where several members listening in with the DICENTIS Flush language selector
The entire DICENTIS family devices displayed

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