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Hong Kong-Zhuhai Macao Bridge

Customized security solution for milestone project

Bird perspective bridge

Opened in October 2018, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is the world’s longest sea-crossing bridge at a total length of 55 kilometers. For the first time in history, it connects the Chinese mainland with the special administrative regions Macao and Hong Kong for tremendous transit time savings.

Different standards, varying acoustics

Tasked with installing a customized security solution and public address system for the large-scale project, Bosch experts had to overcome three challenges: First, the connected territories use different official languages and electrical standards, for instance traditional Chinese and British power cord in Macao. Second, variations between building materials on the artificial islands create acoustic differences that could harm sound quality. And third, security personnel requested special surveillance of key areas, plus the ability to respond in real time with live broadcasts over the public address system.

Artificial Island

Bridging the gap with a tailor-made solution

Zhuhai City

Customization was the answer to delivering a system that could bridge the gap between the three connected territories. To accommodate for Macao’s language and electrical standards, the Bosch team custom-ordered hardware solutions with British power cord and programmed graphic interfaces in traditional Chinese lettering.

In order to master acoustic variations on the artificial island outside of Hong Kong, the technical team used professional software to simulate sound pressure levels in different areas. Based on these readings, the experts adjusted more than 200 vari-directional array LA3 model loudspeakers to balance different building materials. And because the customer requested all public address loudspeakers to blend seamlessly with the facility’s interior design, Bosch supplied 15 different models of ceiling, wall-mount, and line array speakers in matching shapes and colors on the artificial island of Zhuhai.

Bridge Site perspective
“Thanks to Bosch’s rich products portfolio, we were able to perfectly meet the needs of the owner with 15 different models of speakers. Using such a wide variety of speakers has been really rare in past projects,”
said Wang Yiping, Deputy General Manager at partner company Shanghai SAGA Electronic Technology Co.
High-definition cameras from the FLEXIDOME, DINION, and AUTODOME series

Responding to the elevated security needs of the trans-regional bridge, Bosch devices specifically monitor sensitive areas such as customs clearance port, travel inspection building, and Hong Kong Customs Office. These solutions include high-definition cameras from the FLEXIDOME, DINION, and AUTODOME series watching critical areas around-the-clock, supported by real-time intrusion alarm. Fulfilling a key customer demand, the digital PRAESIDEO public address and emergency sound system allows security staff to make live broadcasts via call points at any time.

Protecting critical infrastructure with integrated security systems

Overall, Bosch installed almost 8,000 speakers, over 260 amplifiers, more than 2,000 high-definition video cameras and several sets of intrusion alarm systems across the artificial islands of the new Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. The customer-specific solution mastered all challenges: It provides 24/7 safety for the high-security bridge and delivers crystal-clear sound in all parts of the facility without disrupting the interior design.

“In this project, we added the supporting intelligent call station PRAESIDEO, which is usually used for airport projects, in order to ensure that the staff can directly perform voice broadcast through the call station during operation, thus making the security management more convenient,”
said Wang Yiping, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai SAGA Electronic Technology Co.

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