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Intelligent Video Analytics

People counting to manage store capacity

Integrated security solution to help prevent spread of COVID-19 by Bosch and G2K

People in a supermarket

Bosch Video Systems are integrated with G2K, allowing the possibility to control data from more than one camera and entrance and exit points, counting the traffic flow in both directions. This automatic procedure keeps the safe amount of people inside buildings, venues or stores.

The G2K software people counting solution takes full advantage of video analytic events coming from any Bosch camera with embedded Intelligent Video Analytics or Essential Video Analytics, providing meaningful insights via dashboards or reports.

Solutions benefits:

  • Managed entrance for people and access control to limit crowds
  • Sustainable insight into clients behavior and resulting of efficient personnel management
  • Securing staff and clients
  • Maximization of organised output
  • Increase efficiency


  • Boosting the economy and keeping the business running
  • Unmanaged entry of people
  • Difficult detection due to area-wide propagation
  • Prevention of the infection chains from individuals
  • Protection of risk groups such as senior citizens
  • Maintenance of the health care system
"Bosch and G2K deliver real time information for capacity control and occupancy monitoring."

Control solution via the app and get powerful insights

Supermarket entry with people counting solution

View dashboard KPI results directly on smartphone or tablet. Interact with counters via the App when you need to influence any specific situation such as emergency or shift changes. Receive alarms when capacity exceeds defined limits.

This solution provides powerful dashboards enabling decision makers to take effective real time responses. For example, enabling or disabling entrances to the store due to capacity limits. The reporting feature analyzes clients behaviour over time, giving valuable business insights with KPIs such peak time, occupancy rate and entry waiting time.

  • Artboard
  • Artboard

Automated messages on monitors

Automated messages on monitors

Automated messages displayed on monitors control when the next person can enter, as well as waiting time estimation.

Calculate conversion rate

It is possible to calculate the store conversion rate, based on data collected from people entering in the store and the integration with the Point of Sales (cash registers). This feature is an additional option to the standard system.

Calculate conversion rate


People counting to manage store capacity

People counting to manage store capacity

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