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People counting for safe social distancing

Stand-alone solutions by Bosch and Philips PDS

Crowded airport terminal

Whether for a terminal, retail store or any other public area, maintaining a safe social distance is a new priority. Now Bosch and Philips Professional Display Solutions, have brought their strength together. By combining the power of Philips Android displays and Bosch intelligent cameras, we bring you timely, tested, social distancing solutions, designed to equip travellers with the information they need and to manage crowds effectively and efficiently.

“Technology can play a huge role in ensuring travelers and airport staff feel confident, safe and well informed as they move to the new normal.”

PeopleCount single entrance sensor and signage

People counting at the entrace of a retail store

The PeopleCount single entrance solution uses a sensor, which is connected to an app on the display at the entrance to the premises. This effective solution enables you to track the number of customers entering and leaving an area through a single entrance. Delivering real time information to the display for customer queue communications – alerting them when it’s unsafe to enter – via a simple traffic light system.

"Managing passenger flows with the help of staff is expensive and creates a lot of workload. Save on operational costs and protect your staff by minimizing physical contact. Regulate the flow of passengers without interference from personnel with a PeopleCount solution."

PeopleCount multi-entrance software, sensor and signage

For areas like terminals, with multiple entry points. Delivering powerful insights for effective capacity management and queue communications. An inclusive digital signage experience to enhance customer information at location.

People Counting in an airport terminal

Stand-alone people counting solution

How does the solution works?

Minimum required devices:


  • One USB drive (minimum 2GB)
  • One bracket for the display (depending on installation scenario)
  • APK and configuration files


People Counting for Airports

People Counting for Airports

People Counting for Retail

People Counting for Retail

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