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Building the future of AIoT at a glance

From Vision to Value

Power to Predict - Translating new possibilities of video analytics and AI from vision to value

Bosch recently participated in a joint live stream with Singapore Polytechnic about Building the future of AIoT. During the event, attendees learned about the importance of combining artificial intelligence (AI) with the Internet of Things (IoT). Presenters highlighted two relevant topics: How to best employ data generated by IoT sensors and how new camera technologies use video images for next-generation video analytics and AIoT solutions.

Next generation of video surveillance and operations centers

Today, surveillance cameras are more than just security devices; they are also rich sensors. Bosch has embedded video analytics, a form of AI, into its cameras. AI allows cameras to understand what they’re seeing and add meaning to captured video with metadata. The analytics rules running behind the scenes enable the devices to extract more information about the environment. This capability is essential in converting rich contextual and behavioral video data into actionable insights to help users anticipate unforeseen events and prevent them from happening.

With the deluge of information, it can be challenging to make sense of everything. Bosch offers AIoT software like Intelligent Insights to aggregate and visualize metadata of one or multiple cameras in intuitive widgets to evaluate a complete scene quickly. Thanks to Intelligent Insights, users can establish a single, clear dashboard that identifies unforeseen, unwanted, or future situations. The dashboard enables users to respond before potential situations occur and make more informed decisions, improving overall security and safety.

Intelligent Insights Demo
FLEXIDOME IP starlight 8000i demo

It is important to note that the quality of insights generated by the system will depend on the quality of the images captured by the camera. This brings us to our second point about the importance of image quality and video analytics.

One of the difficulties in camera imaging is capturing details in challenging scenes, for example, in backlight, low light, or night conditions. The new FLEXIDOME IP starlight 8000i X series cameras from Bosch meet these challenges head-on. They offer enhanced image quality for low-light scenes and fast-moving objects, thanks to two resolution offerings of 2- or 4-megapixels and next-level HDR X and starlight X technologies

Motion-optimized HDR X technology has a dynamic range of up to 144 dB ensuring perfect exposure while eliminating motion-related artefacts and blur in scenes with challenging lighting conditions and fast moving objects or vehicles in tunnels and roadways. X-factor technology enhances camera image quality, enabling more relevant data to support predictive solutions in security and beyond.

Bosch believes that video analytics play an important role in improving security and safety, adding value to business operations, and enhancing the customer experience. Collaborating with a various businesses, industry partners, and educational institutions, enables us to identify new challenges and develop solutions to address those challenges. It is also highly gratifying to prepare students and the next generation of young professionals with the relevant technical skills as we move towards a more predictive future.

Bosch collaborates with industry partners

To equip the new generation of technology professionals with future-ready skills, we also work with the Singapore Polytechnic’s 5G and AIoT Centre to give students the opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of camera technologies and video analytics.

Singapore Polytechnic’s newly-launched 5G Garage is a live 5G test facility, training center, and ideation lab. Our collaboration enables the school to deliver proof of concepts for solutions in behavioral monitoring, smoke and fire detection, and smart counter monitoring, amongst others.

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