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The key to reliable delivery in challenging times

Discover how Peggy Albu, Head of Global Logistics for Video Systems, and Remy Oordt, Regional Logistics Manager for Video Systems, and their colleagues combine logistics planning expertise with unique Bosch capabilities to ensure reliable delivery.

Logistics managers Remy and Peggy

Global supply chain shortages can greatly affect the availability of the electrical components and raw materials required for video systems. The logistics team around Peggy Albu and Remy Oordt at Bosch Security and Safety Systems knows how to leverage their strengths to successfully turn challenging situations into opportunities and deliver on time.

Our success factors

Experienced priority management

Open communication with suppliers and customers

Global supplier network

Experienced priority management team keeps supply chain intact

Creating a task force and operating in risk management mode is commonly practiced at Bosch to overcome challenges and meet customer needs.

As soon as the logistics planning team learns of supply chain shortages, they switch on task force mode. Establishing a cross-functional priority management team that meets weekly enables them to predict shortages in raw material before it impacts the market. The ability to look into the future and plan ahead allows the team to identify risks on the horizon and tackle them in advance.

Additionally, Peggy Albu and Remy Oordt closely collaborate with regional logistics teams in EMEA, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas. This global support from colleagues across the globe, including access to their warehouses, provides essential connections that allow them to fulfill customer requests as promised.

Logistics manager Remy during a task force meeting

We base our supply chain plans on actual delivery commitments. As a result, our customers can truly rely on and trust us.


Open communication and reliable commitments

Being transparent with suppliers and customers about supply chain challenges is indispensable to successfully delivering video systems. Everyone is in the same boat, and raising awareness and speaking honestly fosters understanding, builds trust, and allows the team to puzzle out feasible solutions together.

Communicating openly also means keeping everyone in the loop – suppliers, the logistics planning team, internal departments from warehouse to sales, and customers. For example, the team constantly exchanges with suppliers, asking for their capacities and deadlines, and feeding this information back to customers. Receiving recurring feedback about the status of their video system order gives customers peace of mind and reinforces trust.

Overpromising or not delivering on time would put customers in a difficult situation. The logistics planning team is committed to finding viable solutions and guaranteeing customers’ business continuity. This underpins the reliability Bosch is renowned for.

I make ambitious but reliable commitments people can count on.

Peggy Albu, Head of Global Logistics for Video Systems

The approach guides both the decisions the team makes as well as the delivery dates promised to customers. Remy Oordt recalls, for instance, how last year one customer wanted 1,000 video cameras in August and 1,000 units again in September. It wasn’t possible. Instead, he committed to, and delivered, 500 video cameras in August. Via global prioritization and air freight, the team managed to make up for the shortage in September, exceeding customer expectations.

Logistics manager Remy talking with other colleagues during a task force meeting
Creating a task force and operating in risk management mode is commonly practiced at Bosch to overcome challenges and meet customer needs.
Logistics Manager Remy in discussion with an employee in the warehouse
Regular exchanges with logistic warehouses are essential to fulfill customer needs.
Logistics manager Peggy talking during a task force meeting
Peggy Albu: “Anything is possible if you communicate and align.”
istics manager Remy in front of the Bosch warehouse outside
Remy Oordt: “We are big, but we are not too big. Everyone is connected to our products, and we all have an interest in keeping things running.”

Extensive global purchasing network

Whenever electrical components and raw material are in short supply, Bosch’s extensive global purchasing network proves highly advantageous. Where competitors face dead ends, the team explores new avenues, reprioritizes orders and finds ways to deliver as promised.

The central department also steps in and helps them succeed. For example, to gain better transparency into component and material availability, and to assist with order prioritization, the central purchasing team might connect with other Bosch subsidiaries. Careful planning allows the logistics team to name a realistic expected delivery date, so customers can plan their project installation and stick to the timeline.

“We are big, but we are not too big,” said Remy. “Everyone is connected to our products, and we all have an interest in keeping things running.”

A privately owned company that makes data-driven decisions

Access to a wide range of different data also plays a crucial role. Thanks to Bosch’s strong supplier network, as well as SAP Business Warehouse dashboards, the team knows when and where raw material are available, and when it can ship.

Thanks to this global transparency and visibility, they can calculate and communicate realistic delivery times. Being a privately owned company with no obligations to shareholders leads to quick decisions and gives the team time to fully focus on meeting customer needs.

Logistics manager Remy showing the delivery dashboard to Peggy on his computer screen

Peggy Albu and Remy Oordt are proud of their achievements. Being committed to working together as a team, tapping into all available resources, and focusing on their customers makes it happen. “Anything is possible if you communicate and align,” said Peggy Albu. “Cross-functional collaboration is key to success.”

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