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Utility Security

Stepping up your utility security

Utility Security

Stepping up utility security

Whether in generation, transmission or distribution, utilities must protect their infrastructure, their property, and their personnel from vandalism, theft and malicious attacks. Traditional security measures have included access control, intrusion detection, and video surveillance. Now, thanks to continually accelerating advancement, the capabilities of today’s technologies to deter, detect, delay, assess, communicate and respond to physical and cyber security threats far surpass those of even a few years ago.

Detect, deter, delay

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IP security cameras equipped with on-board video analytics can be a major asset in threat detection. They analyze real-time images continuously to detect suspicious events – ensuring a constant eye on the scene and instantly alerting to conditions that require action, whether it’s a potential security risk that is about to happen or a perimeter breach already in progress.

The camera, in effect, becomes a sensor that can detect and report on pre-defined behaviors, as video analytics can be configured to detect behaviors that would indicate a person is about to or attempting to cross a perimeter:

  • Line crossing: Alert if a person crosses a perimeter, such as a fence, or other invisible line in the scene
  • Illegal parking: Alert if a vehicle is parked or idling in an area where it should not be, such as in front of a perimeter fence, which indicates a person may attempt to gain access to the grounds
  • Loitering: Notify if a person enters an area and does not leave after a specified time, while ignoring those that innocently pass through the scene, to alert security personnel that someone may be looking for an opportunity to breach the perimeter
  • Speeding: Notify on vehicles speeding as they approach a perimeter barrier or exterior guard booth, indicating an intention to breach the perimeter with force.

These analytics rules can be used individually or combined to address more complex scenarios for early detection of security risks.

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Bosch offers a range of IP cameras ideally suited for perimeter protection with built-in video analytics as standard. Bosch cameras deliver the highest quality images with resolutions up to 4K ultra HD, starlight technology for low light situations, and thermal solutions for complete darkness or long-distance detection. The built-in Intelligent Video Analytics is specifically designed for the most demanding environments, can perform video content analysis over large distances, and differentiate between genuine security events and known false triggers, such as snow, wind, rain, hail and water reflections that make video data more difficult to interpret.

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In addition, gunshot detection technology from Raytheon, ShotSpotter, and others can work in harmony with Bosch IP cameras to provide real-time detection and identification of active shooters. When a gun is fired and the gunshot detected, the nearest pan-tilt-zoom camera focuses its field of view on the location within seconds to capture images of the shooter and surroundings in full HD detail or thermal.

Assess, respond, communicate


When alarms occur, the ability to see the source of an alarm gives security personnel the visual information they need to assess the situation and respond more accurately and efficiently. Alarms can also trigger the cameras to automatically track the object of interest to help security personnel discern the intent of the person or object. Once Intelligent Tracking is activated, it ensures optimal capture of the moving object by dynamically adjusting the field of view.

RF-based tracking through integration with SpotterRF adds geo-referencing of targets. As a result, SpotterRF automatically tells the Bosch IP camera where and when to focus the field of view. Radar coverage can be customized with zones of varying levels of interest and security.


With advanced warning of a potential risk, security personnel can send a patrol to the area before the person actually enters the property. Video integration with the radio dispatch system can also ensure that security events trigger automated messages via security personnel’s two-way radios to help speed response time.

Integration with the public address system can also deter possible intruders as a video analytics alarm can trigger the public address system to automatically play a message through a loudspeaker, providing a powerful deterrent that may prevent possible damage and theft before first responders or the monitoring station can react. If intruders are warned that they are on camera and that the local authorities have been contacted, they may flee the area before causing damage.

Choose your solution

The power of Bosch integrated security solutions for utilities and other critical infrastructure sites are available whether you choose a complete solution from Bosch or combine our technology with software from one of our partners.

Keep data secure

Keep data secure

The security of data is just as critical as the sites you safeguard, making it imperative to consider both physical and cybersecurity simultaneously.

Bosch is driving a systematic approach to maximize data security. Our system approach is the key to achieving the highest standards in end-to-end data security.

Bosch systems create trust by assigning every component in the video surveillance network an authentication key. Secure data from hackers by encrypting it at the hardware level, using a cryptographic key that is safely stored in a unique built-in Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Offer easy ways to manage user access rights ensuring that only authorized people have access to your data, and support the set-up of a public key infrastructure.

IP cameras

Our cameras are also fully integrated with Genetec systems, resulting in an end-to-end data security solution incorporating all Bosch network video surveillance cameras, plus Genetec Archiver and Security Center. Together, Bosch and Genetec provide one of the world’s best data security solutions.

Look to the future

Just as we have seen significant advancements in security technology in recent years. The next few years will bring new sensor technology for enhancing audio signature analysis to further improve risk detection at utilities and other critical infrastructure sites.

Recommended Products

Recommended Products

Bosch IP cameras commonly used for utility security include moving cameras such as the MIC IP fusion 9000i (thermal and optical sensor), MIC IP starlight 7000i, AUTODOME IP 7000 HD cameras, and fixed IP cameras, such as the DINION IP starlight 8000 5MP, DINION IP ultra 8000 MP (4K ultra HD), and DINION IP thermal cameras.

Recommended communications products include Bosch PRAESIDEO systems with Bosch speakers and Telex radio dispatch systems.


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