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At a glance

Our Bosch Engineered Solution Business team manages projects that contain Bosch security hardware, Bosch software and services.

Engineered Solution Business from Bosch

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involving our partners

We focus on large scale and highly complex projects which request extended professional services from our partners: system integrators and installers.

A big share of our future will be based on integrated solutions. Engineered Solutions Business is the top class support we can give to selected partners. It makes a difference in big projects when the manufacturer is involved.

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aspects of our services

We provide professional security services in all project phases sharing our expertise to understand the end-user’s challenge and project design, customize a solution and support commissioning until smooth operation of the solution.

We have experience in projects with high complexity, in all industries and in all world continents. As a responsible partner, we remove worries and burden away from system integrators and installers and our partners only have one single point of contact.

We combine our solutions with the power of a comprehensive Bosch security and safety portfolio as well as third party integrations.

Dubai Airport

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai Airport
Dubai Airport

With more than 1,300 active line arrays, more than 22,000 loudspeakers and 1,000 amplifiers, it not only involves what is currently the world’s largest installation of Praesideo systems, it is also the world’s largest project using the BIS software platform. The ingenious multi-system integrates fire alarm systems, VoIP and the building management system.

Adlabs Amusement Park

Mumbai, India

park map
Adlabs Amusement Park

The Adlabs Amusement Park in Mumbai, India is a flagship project for integration performance at Bosch Security Systems and interdisciplinary cooperation, because the solution covers almost the entire Bosch safety and security portfolio.

Sochi Winter Olympics

Sochi, Russia

Winter Olympics in Sochi
Sochi WInter Olympics

On the occasion of the Winter Olympics, extensive security technology was installed and combined into a coherent system in a 660,000 square meter hotel complex with adjoining shopping malls and water park. A total of 46,000 fire detectors were used here alone. The system was designed for sustainability, so that it can now be operated independently in each separate building.

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Adlabs Imagica International Theme Park


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