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Intrusion Alarm Systems

Raising the bar for reliability and rapid detection

TriTech motion detectors

Bosch motion detector

Movements in an area need instant detection while ignoring false alarm triggers. Bosch TriTech detectors raise the bar when it comes to intrusion detection, and deliver excellent catch performance while creating fewer false alarms under a variety of environmental conditions. In order to provide consistent and accurate detection, they feature dual motion technology - a combination of PIR and microwave Doppler radar technologies with advanced signal processing.

Excellent catch performance and highest level of false alarm immunity

Faster, more accurate installation

Faster installation

We believe that the design of our products, software and solutions should make installation and use easier and more effective. Bosch motion detectors are designed with unique features that reduce installation time by as much as 45% compared to models from other manufacturers. These features also cut down on installer errors that can lead to false alarms or missed detection, therefore reducing service calls. They include:

  • Self-locking, two-piece enclosure – no more lost screws
  • Bi-axial bubble level for accurate placement and optimal detection performance
  • Removable, gap-free, lift gate-style terminal strip to prevent incorrect wiring
  • Protective cover for optics and electronics to prevent damage during installation and reduce false alarms
  • Flexible mounting height requires no on-site adjustments when mounted from 2.3 to 2.75 meters
  • Look down lens selection switch for customized coverage

Security with built-in robustness

Defective security devices can be costly, and inconvenient to repair or replace. That’s why Bosch exceeds the most stringent requirements to ensure our products are recognized for maximum reliability and durability. With an average of 100 years between failures, it’s no understatement to say that our high-quality optics and electronics are built to last.

Bosch motion detectors are built to last

Choose your motion detector solution

A Bosch motion detector for each application

For more critical applications, it’s vital you get more sensitivity and coverage area from your motion detector. And, because maximum flexibility is key in any event, Bosch offers a choice of PIR and TriTech motion detectors that suit the requirements of virtually any application — from everyday challenges to extreme environments — and sets a new standard for reliability and rapid detection.

    • Blue Line Gen2 Series PIR and TriTech motion detectors are ideal for residential properties and small businesses as both models offer wall-to-wall coverage over 12m².
    • Commercial Series TriTech motion detectors meet the higher security requirements of commercial applications. Choose from TriTech, or TriTech+ with a selectable anti-mask feature to detect materials being placed in front of, or sprayed onto, the detector. Both models have a coverage range of up to 15m².

Bosch also offers a variety of specialty TriTech detectors, including models developed for ceiling mounts and a robust outdoor line to provide the best performance even in the worst weather conditions.

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