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Overview Access Control Systems Training Portfolio

The Bosch Building Technologies Academy provides continual professional development for employees involved in the technical installation, configuration, maintenance of access control systems, as well demonstration or commercial sales of access control solutions.

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Commercial Trainings

The commercial certification paths were created for those who need to obtain feature and benefit knowledge on access control portfolio, but do not need an in-depth training on configuration and installation. These training paths include several modules with foundational information along with system design principles that allow our clients to better apply the products in a practical way. New hires, sales, sales engineers, and end-users would benefit most from these trainings to increase their product application knowledge and awareness.

Technical Trainings

This training path comprises courses to help you learn the fundamentals of Bosch Access Control installation, configuration, and system programming. This certification may be necessary for winning business when Bosch is specified and accessing certain job sites. Upon completion users will receive a certificate documenting achievement. Technical training would be most beneficial to installers, programmers, sales engineers, and service technicians.


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